There are multiple ways you can get banned for different things in Dragons of Alantis.

Too many requests/actionsEdit

You can get banned from the Dragons of Alantis servers for performing too many (approximately 40) actions in an hour. Each action is counted per:

  • Really DOAGo to I over did this
  • Sending an attack
  • Sending a spy
  • Loading a chunk of the map
  • Collecting resources from your outposts
  • Training troops
  • Breeding/upgrading dragons
  • Building/upgrading buildings
  • Reinforcing
  • Sending resources
  • Trading
  • Updating defense

Kabam claims this is to reduce the workload on their servers, but it is also speculated that it is there to combat the use of scripts. This will most likely occur if you have been waving! When you have been banned you do not have the ability to do anything apart from talk in world chat and alliance chat, but even this is lost when you refresh!

World chat bansEdit

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 21.59.48

You can be banned from world chat for an undefined time (from 24h to permanently) if enough people report you. If you are banned you will receive a message which contains a copy of the text that got you banned.

Permanent BansEdit

You can also be permanently banned from the whole game for breaking any of Kabam's terms and conditions. **Note** Due to recent boycott organizations, Kabam is respoding with INSTANT bans for anyone who attempts to get people to join the cause.

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