Battle reports are messages that are sent automatically after an attack or spying. You cannot answer them.

Battle ReportEdit

In DoA, a special type of message is given to players when they have completed a battle, whether it be defensively or offensively. Battle reports contain all relevant information to the battle, including the quantity of resources plundered and any items found, how many troops were used, killed, and survived, how many souls were obtained, which sanctuary boots were active during the battle, troop abilities used, battle arts performed (and their associated values), the name of both sides, and the time and date of the battle. It's important to read battle reports, as they give insight into how to construct marches and the strength of your enemies. Battle reports are shared within an alliance via the "Alliance Activity" tab.

Spy ReportsEdit

Spy reports are the same as battle reports, except that they are only received when a player spies or is spied upon. In order to spy, a player must send spies under the "spy" option, as opposed to attacking. Increasing the level of clairvoyance will cause spy reports to contain more information, such as research levels and accurate troop and resource counts. Unlike battle reports, alliances are not able to see the spy reports of their members. Spy reports will contain similar information to battle reports, with the exception of combat-unique aspects, such as battle arts and souls.


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