Cle Report more detailed information when spying

Clairvoyance is a research topic that allows you to glean information from spies. Level 1 clairvoyance is required to train spies, and level 3 is required to train giants.

Clairvoyance levels that show Idea amounts of resources/troops can be extremely inaccurate, showing huge amounts of troops or resources when there is very little.

Levels Info Gathered Research Times Cost Requirements
1 Idea of Resources 7m 0s 300 Food; 2,000 Gold Level 3 SC
2 Exact # of Resources 14m 10s 600 Food; 4,000 Gold Level 3 SC
3 Idea of Troops 28m 42s 1,200 Food; 8,000 Gold Level 3 SC
4 Exact # of Troops 58m 7s 2,400 Food; 16,000 Gold Level 4 SC
5 Type of Troops 1h 57m 42s 4.800 Food; 32,000 Gold Level 5 SC
6 Wilderness Owner 3h 58m 21s 9,600 Food; 64,000 Gold Level 6 SC
7 Idea of Researches 8h 2m 40s 19,200 Food; 128,000 Gold Level 7 SC
8 Exact Researches 16h 17m 24s 38,400 Food; 256,000 Gold Level 8 SC
9 Exact Troops 1d 8h 59m 14s 76,800 Food; 512,000 Gold Level 9 SC
10 Last Login time/date 2d 18h 47m 57s 153,600 Food; 1,024,000 Gold Level 10 SC

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