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Dark Tower

Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is a mini-game within the game.  You are granted 5 battle grants which are used to 'summon' your advisor who will 'give' you troops to use against the Dark Towers.

You know nothing of the troop content of the tower, only the power rating so it is impossible to know which of the selection of troops provided will win the day.

It is highly improbable that one will defeat each tower with only a single attack - in fact, the advisor and message as much as say so.  Therefore, you will have to purchase rubies in order to make it past the third of five towers.  Each battle grant will cost 25 rubies (times a minimum of two attacks per: 3 towers x 2 battle grants x 25 rubies = 150 rubies - minimum) 

Battle Grants can be found in Fortuna Chance however its rare for them to appear and its hard to get them due they are limited to one spot. Also you can obtain Battle Grants for beating the towers so good luck. Whenever this event ends any left over Battle Grants will not go away so your able to save up when it returns and have better luck.                                                                                                                                                                            When defeating the the Dark Towers you get Trainable or Untrainable troops.

Sanctuary Dragon/Research ImpactEdit

Sanctuary Dragons don't effect these troops these are seperated from your main troops. Same goes with Research its just standard troop combat for these towers.

Battle MechanicsEdit

Post Successful Battle data here

The first tier can be done in one blow just use 50k lbms, 20k srs, and 30k or 5k  bans

The second tier can be done by 14k lj's 5k vds  500bans and the rest gos (this one doesn't work)

The third tier can be done with 10k LJs + 10k PTs + 9k GOs + 10k ALs + 10k FGs + remaining Banshee's, SSD's and BDs

This is old information.

October 8-9th eventEdit

Attacking and Defending troopsEdit

Tower # Max # of units Attacking troops Defending force Defending troops
1 100k 50k LBM, 100k Ban, 20k or 5k Soul Reaper 1 250 000 100k Conscript, 15k Steelshard Harriers, 50k LC, 50k FM
2 22k 100k LBM, 10k Giant, 65k PD, 5k FT, 5k GO, 15k LJ, 500 Ban, 5k VD, 500 PT 1 170 000 30k VD, 50k SSD, 50k Ban, 50k BD
3 150k 50k Minos, 50k SSD, 50k BD, 9k GO, 10k LJ, 50k Ban, 10k FG, 10k PT, 10k AL 850 000 20k LBM, 10k SS, 5k TG, 10k LC, 10k VD, 10k LJ, 10k FT, 10k FM
4 300k 200k Conscript, 60k Hal, 60k Minos, 30k LBM, 20k Giant, 20k DS, 20k Wyrm, 30k GO, 10k LJ, 20k Ban, 4k AL 1 070 000 5k LJ, 10k TG, 10k LC, 10k SR, 5k FM, 10k PT, 20k GO
5 500k 100k Porters, 100k Conscipts, 100k Spies, 100k Hal, 100k Min, 100k LBM, 30k FM, 50k VW, 50k FT, 50k GO, 20k LJ, 20k AL 4 125 000

50k of the following (GO, FT, LBM, LJ, SSD, DS, Giant, Hal, )

25k TG, 20k LC,5k AL. 

December 1-2nd event Edit

Battle reports are not being displayed, so it is not possible to employ any strategy based on the defenders. It is also not possible to post screen captures of successful attacks, so Facebook groups or forum postings may have unreliable information on suggested attacks.

Sometimes clicking on Valaria makes the screen go blank or get shaded, then the game hangs. Refreshing and trying again is sometimes successful.

There are threads in the Kabam forums that suggest that sending attacks sometimes uses more than 1 battle grant. Players should use caution and attempt to document the number of attacks they send and compare it to the number of grants they have in inventory.

It is possible to win the mini-game despite the numerous bugs. It might still be prudent to wait for the bugs to be addressed before spending rubies to participate.

January 15-16th eventEdit

Tower # Max # of units Attacking troops Defending force Defending troops Troops used to win
1 100k 100k LBM, 100k Ban, 20k SR 1,250,000 50k FM, 50k LC, 100k Con, 15k Harrier 100k Ban
2 22k 100k LBM, 10k Giant, 65k Pack Dragon, 5k FT,

5k GO, 11k LJ, 500 Ban, 5k VD, 500 PT

1,170,00 30k VD, 50k Ban, 50k SSD, 50k BD 12k LJ, 5k GO,

5k VD

3 150k 20k Mino, 50k SSD, 50k BD, 9k GO, 10k LJ, 50k Ban, 10k FG, 10k PT, 10k AL 850,000 10k SS, 10k FM, 10k LC, 10k FT, 10k LJ, 5k TG, 10k VD, 20k LBM 50k Ban, 50k SSD, 50k BD
4 300k 200k Con, 60k Hal, 60k Mino, 30k LBM, 20k Giant, 20k DS, 20k VW, 30k GO, 10k LJ, 20k Ban, 4k AL 1,120,000 5k FM, 10k SR, 10k LC, 10k PT, 5k LJ, 10k TG, 20k GO, 1k Shaman 20k Giant, 60k Hal, 20k Ds, 30k GO, 26k Con, 10k LJ, 20k VW, 20k Ban, 4k AL, 30k LBM, 60k Mino

(Beware might loose due to Random Number Generator)

5 500k 100k Port, 100k Con, 100k Spy, 100k Hal, 100k Mino, 100k LBM, 30k FM, 50k VW, 50k FT, 50k GO, 20k LJ, 20k AL 3,925,000 50k Giant, 50k Hal, 50k DS, 50k SSD, 50k FT, 50k LJ, 25k TG, 50k GO, 5k AL, 50k LBM 30k FM, 100k Spy, 50k FT, 50k VW, 20k LJ,

50k GO, 20k AL, 100k LBM, 80k Mino

(Beware might loose due to Random Number Generator)

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