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Battle Arts are currently available only for the Water DragonFire Dragon, Wind DragonFrost Dragon, Stone Dragon, Chrono Dragon, and Mephitic Serpent. Battle Arts perform a multitude of actions in battle, ranging from doing direct damage to enemies to boosting the stats of your dragon and/or troops and much, much more.

**Arts are currently available for lv11-15 in some dragons. These dragons are the Water and Chrono - more info as we get it.**

A Great Dragon must be level 11 before being capable of unlocking its Battle Arts. To unlock/upgrade a Battle Art, a player must possess essence that corresponds to that dragon (water essence for water dragon, fire essence for fire dragon). Dragons are given 3 Battle Arts. A dragon's third Battle Art requires the dragon's familiar to unlock. There is no specific order to upgrading Battle Arts. Once a dragon is level 11, the player may choose to upgrade its first two Battle Arts in whatever order desired. After obtaining the dragon's familiar, the same will apply to the third Battle Art.

To reach maximum level for any one particular Battle Art will require 2130 essence. Individual essence amounts to upgrade battle arts are as followed: 


Pop-up after clicking on the title of the battleart "Eternal Springs."

Level 1 Battle Art = 10 essence 

Level 2 Battle Art = 20 essence 

Level 3 Battle Art = 30 essence 

Level 4 Battle Art = 50 essence 

Level 5 Battle Art = 70 essence 

Level 6 Battle Art = 100 essence 

Level 7 Battle Art = 200 essence 

Level 8 Battle Art = 350 essence  

Level 9 Battle Art = 500 essence

Level 10 Battle Art = 800 essence  

Each Dragon has a unique Battle Art item that allows players to upgrade that Battle Art to the next level regardless of price of essence. To see these items, go to Battle Arts: Essence and Familiars. These items are typically saved until a Battle Art reaches the higher levels, as it would be a waste to use such a rare item in place of 10 or 30 essence.

Water DragonEdit

A level eleven Water Dragon possesses the Battle Arts Eternal Spring, Water of Life, and Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave requires the Water Dragon's familiar, the Wise Whootle.

Water Battle ArtsEdit

Battle. Arts

Eternal Springs: Eternal Springs gradually increases the attack damage for the Water Dragon. Each turn of attack the Water Dragon survives, its attack damage is increased. The attack only boosts five times (the second through sixth turn) and It is assumed that it boosts both the Water Dragon's melee and ranged attack damage. The first level of Eternal Springs increases the Water Dragon's attack by 2,900,000. At its maximum level, Eternal Springs will boost the Water Dragon's attack by 15,000,000.

Battle arts

This Battle Art goes hand-in-hand with the Water Dragon's second Battle Art, "Water of Life," which heals the Water Dragon by an ammount equivalent to the damage that marching Fangtooth troops take. Combing these two Battle Arts in a march with a decent number of Fangtooths can cause devastation to both Anthropus and opposing, as it allows the Water Dragon to remain on the field for the maximum amount of time, dealing payloads of damage.

Water of Life: Water of Life heals the Water Dragon for the amount of damage that marching Fangtooth troops take in battle. This Battle Art activates every time an enemy unit targets a Fangtooth. This Battle Art continues to activate until all Fangtooths in the march are defeated, the Battle Art reaches the level's maximum healing amount, or the Water Dragon loses 100% health before it can heal. At level 1, Water of Life can heal up to 13,000,000 life points for the Water Dragon, which equates to the death of 4,334 Fangtooths. At its maximum level, Water of Life will heal up to 67,000,000, equaling 22.3k Fangtooth deaths. (These calculations do NOT include Medicine levels. Fangtooths do not need to die in order to heal the Water Dragon).

This Battle Art goes hand-in-hand with the Water Dragon's first Battle Art, "Eternal Springs," which increases the damage the Water Dragon causes whenever it survives a round (up to the 6th round). Combing these two Battle Arts in a march with a decent number of Fangtooths can cause devastation to both opposing players and anthropus, as it allows the Water Dragon to remain on the field for the maximum amount of time, delivering payloads of damage.

Tidal Wave: This Battle Art requires the presence of the Water Dragon's familiar, the Wise Whootle. Once the Wise Whootle is obtained and used, this Battle Art may be upgraded under the same conditions as the other Battle Arts. Tidal Wave causes damage to all opposing units, leading to a massive amount of damage every turn the Water Dragon attacks. This Battle Art, when appropriately leveled, can lead to the Water Dragon taking on a lvl 11 Anthropus camp by itself.

Like "Eternal Springs," it is suggested to combine this Battle Art with "Water of Life," which heals the Water Dragon every time a Fangtooth in the march takes damage. This will result in the Water Dragon surviving longer, thereby allowing the Water Dragon to use Tidal Waves for several more turns. At high levels, Tidal Wave can end battles in the first 3 or 4 turns.
Wise Whootle

Wise WhootleEdit

The Wise Whootle is the most powerful boost for the Water Dragon. With a Wise Whootle, the Water Dragon is capable of using its third and final Battle Art, Tidal Wave. With this Battle Art at its maximum level, the Water Dragon is capable of defeating a LVL 11 Anthropus camp by itself, a feat even the Wraith Dragon can not accomplish.

The Wise Whootle can be obtained trough Fortuna's Vault, or during events.

Fire DragonEdit

A level eleven Fire Dragon possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Flame Throwers, Molten Rising, and Immolation.

Fire Battle ArtsEdit

Flame Throwers: Flamethrowers increases the damage done by range troops on their first turn. With a high march capacity and the appropriate amount of troops, this Battle Art can finish a battle in the first turn. This boost applies to the Fire Dragon's first range attack as well as its troops. At level 1, range troops that attack on their first turn will do an additional 350,000 for that attack. Maxed out, Flame Throwers can cause each ranged troop's attack on their first turn to do over 1,800,000 damage. Melee and Speed troops without range attacks will not be boosted by this Battle Art. This boost only lasts for the first turn and is only activated if a troop succeeds in moving within range of an enemy unit.

WARNING: The speed and range of troops marched with the Fire Dragon may cause this Battle Art to not activate for all range troops. Certain troops will not move within range of enemy units in their first turn. The length of a battlefield will always be 500 units higher than the attacking army's longest range unit (The Fire Dragon has 1,800 range at LVL 11, leading to a battle field of 2,300 spaces, not including range boosts from Weapons Calibrations). See Battle Mechanics for more details. One of the most compatible troops for this Battle Art is the Sand Strider

Molten Rising: Molten rising is a single high-power strike on an opposing unit every turn the Fire Dragon survives. This Battle Art continues to attack every turn until the Fire Dragon is defeated or it runs out of enemies. Every turn the Fire Dragon attacks, Molten Rising selects a random enemy unit and deals the appropriate amount of damage to it. This Battle Art can mean an early death for opposing troops with high health, including an enemy Great Dragon. Without the assistance of custom scales and armor, Molten Rising will only take 2 to 3 hits at level 1 to kill a Great Dragon at its max level. At the level 1, Molten Rising will deal 350,000 to the enemy unit it selects. Maxed out, it will hit an enemy troop for 1,800,000 every turn, an attack that no troop is capable of surviving.

Immolation: This Battle Art requires the presence of the Fire Dragon's familiar, the Inferno Fly. Once the Inferno fly is obtained and used, this Battle Art may be upgraded under the same conditions as any of the other Battle Arts. Immolation is a probability attack. Each level the Battle Art is upgraded increases the chance that the Battle Art will attack. Each time Immolation attacks, it will randomly select one type of troop on the enemy's wall and completely destroy all the troops of that type. At first level, the chance for annihilation to occur is 10%. Maxed out, annihilation will occur 100% of the time each turn. Maxing this Battle Art will result in battles only lasting as long as the number of type of troops you are fighting (i.e. if an opponent walls with 10 different types of troops, a Fire Dragon with LVL 10 Immolation will destroy all units after 10 turns, assuming it survives till that turn).

Unlike the Water Dragon's Battle Art, Tidal Wave, it is not suggested sending a Fire Dragon alone against a LVL 11 Anthropus Camp, even with this Battle Art being maxed out at level 10. This is due to the fact that the Fire Dragon would have to survive 14 rounds (14 types of Anthropus = 14 turns for immolation to defeat all Anthropus troops). Although it is possible to defeat a level 11 camp with a Fire Dragon by itself, it is a huge gamble since there is always the possibility that Immolation may target the weakest Anthropus troops (brats, cannibals, stenches, etc) leaving the Fire Dragon vulnerable to millions of strong Anthropus troops. If anything, it is suggested to have the other Fire Battle Arts leveled up if you are going to attempt it, as shown in the posted Battle Report. If Immolation is not level 10, be sure to send as many troops as would be necessary to defeat the majority of a level 11 anthropus camp.

Inferno FlyEdit

The Inferno Fly is the Fire Dragon's Familiar. It is necessary to upgrade and use the Battle Art, Immolation.

The Inferno Fly can be obtained trough Fortuna's Vault (During special events that include the vault, but not on a regular basis), or during events.

Frost DragonEdit

New Frost Dragon Battle Arts!!

A level eleven Frost Dragon possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Icy Blast, Frost Bite, and Blizzard.

Frost Battle ArtsEdit

Icy Blast: Icy Blast decreases the speed of enemy units, with a chance to freeze them, rendering them unable to move and attack. At level one, Icy Blast decreases speed of enemy units by 5.

This Battle Art is useful when attacking a wall with a lot of speed troops and/or strong elites, making it safer to used ranged troops such as Lava Jaws and Arctic Leviathans.

Frost Bite: Frost Bite permanently decreases the attack of troops that attack the frost dragon. This effect is doubled when a unit uses melee to hit the Frost Dragon, making speed troops extra vulnerable! At level one, Frost Bite will reduce the attack of an attacking range unit by 2, while melee attacks by 4.

Essence frost

Because Great Dragons will typically defend range troops in the same manner as a meatshield, this Battle Art can be effective for protecting your range units from strong speed units like Dimensional Ruiners, Shadow Stalkers, and Venge Wyrms. However, in most battles, the more common melee troops will not survive long enough to attack the Frost Dragon. This Battle Art's usefulness lies in its weakening of range units, especially Longbowmen (LBM). LBM only have a range attack of 80, which means that at higher levels, Frost Bite can render their attack useless. It is not known yet whether reducing a range unit's attack to 0 causes them to move to melee distance to attack or causes them to simply attack without dealing damage. Frost Bite perminatly decreases the melee of troops that attack the frost dragon. This is doubled if the attack is melee, making speed troops extra vulnerable! If melee troops survive long enough to attack the FrD, this could be useful, although such a situation is doubtful.

Blizzard: This Battle Art requires the Frost Dragon's familiar, the Norgull. Blizzard is similar to the Water Dragon Battle Art, Tidal Wave. Blizzard deals a specific amount of damage to enemy troops per turn. This damage is multiplied if the unit is frozen, making Blizzard and Icy Blast a deadly combination. At level one, Blizzard will do 60,000 to every enemy unit (multiplied if frozen).

The NorgullEdit

The Norgull is the Frost Dragon's Familiar. It is necessary to upgrade and use the Battle Art, Blizzard.


Wind Dragon Edit

A level eleven Wind Dragon possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Soar, Talon Strike, and Tornado.

Wind Battle ArtsEdit

Soar: Soar will causes troops marching with the Wind Dragon to gain a speed boost. This boost is a percentage based on the troop's original speed.This stats applies for the duration of the battle, but not marching. At level 1, Soar increasing troops speed by 10%. Maxed out, Soar will increase troop speed by 50%, making speed troops.

Speed troops and range troops have a natural incompatibility when attacking. By increasing the battlefield length, range troops cause speed troops to stop in the middle of the battlefield, unable to attack and susceptible to enemy range troop attacks. This Battle Art counteracts that compatibility by allowing speed troops to move further distances than normal. If calculated correctly, Soar will allow players to combine speed and range troops while taking advantage of speed troop's preemptive attacks as well as range troop's ability to pick off enemy melee and speed troops.

Talon Strike: Talon Strike is a critical hit attack by the Wind Dragon that has a chance to cause bleeding, which will cause 3x damage. At level 1, Talon Strike will deal 70,000 damage. Maxed out, this Battle Art will deal 1,260,000 damage to a single target. The probability of Talon Strike causing bleeding is unknown.

Tornado: This Battle Art requires the Wind Dragon's familiar, the Griffox. Tornado will absorb a certain amount of range damage dealt to marching troops. This will defend all troops from some or all range damage, depending on what level Tornado is at and how much damage is being done. While this Battle Art does not make your troops invulnerable to range attacks, it can negate majority of damage opposing range troops could deal from a range.

This Battle Art is extremely effective in two different situations

  • Speed + Range: In a march where a player combines speed and range troops, Tornado will protect


The Griffox is the Wind Dragon's Familiar. It is necessary to upgrade and use the Battle Art, Tornado. The Griffox can possibly make a good difference in the outcome of the battle because the wind dragon familiar can absorb a great deal of ranged attack damage when encountered (absorbs upto 70% ranged attack damage at level 10). So the Wind Dragon can prove useful in the battles against the ranged troops because, while boosting the troops' speed, it can also save them from the ranged damage.

Stone DragonEdit

A level eleven Stone Dragon possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Boulder Dash, Solidify, and Tremor.

Boulder Dash: At the start of battle, the Stone Dragon throws a boulder through the battlefield, crushing enemies that standing in the way.

Solidify: The Stone Dragon reinforces troop armor. Enemy melee attackers may break their weapons, significantly reducing damage taken.

Tremor: It is rather a special ability which can come in handy while battling against the untrainable troops like Shadow Stalkers , Ruiners etc because it can make the troops forgo their turn in confusion without attacking and start attacking their own army. The max probabilty goes upto 25% on level 10. This battle art can be upgraded after acquiring the Stone Dragon Familiar.


The Boulbour is the Stone Dragon's Familiar. It is necessary to upgrade and use the Battle Art, Tremor. It is currently available in the Treasure Hold.

Chrono DragonEdit

A level eleven Chrono Dragon possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Charge, Paradox, and Hourglass. The Chipmech is the Chrono Dragon Familiar.

Charge: Charge is an offensive Battle Art that uses the Chrono Dragon's laser beam to damage all opposing troops. This Battle Art is similar to the Water Dragon's Tidal Wave and the Frost

Chrono dragon essence

Dragon's Blizzard in the fact that it will target all enemies each turn it attacks. At level 1, Charge will do 139,000 damage to all enemy troops. At its highest level, it will deal 490,909.

Paradox: Paradox is a post-battle Battle Art that saves the lives of troops lost during the battle. This, along with the Chrono Dragon's near-instant march time, gives players the ability to hit hard and fast with troops with less fear of losing troops. At level one, Paradox will save 3% of troops lost in battle. At level 10, the max, it will save 50% of troops killed in battle.

GLITCH: When this Battle Art is used in a battle where troops are not lost, it will still say that 2-8 troops were saved in battle. It is unclear if 2-8 troops are created or if this is simply a glitch in the calculations.

Hourglass: The Chrono Dragon needs its familiar, the Chipmech, to use this Battle Art. Once the Chipmech is obtained and used, Hourglass can be upgraded in the same manner as the other Battle Arts. Hourglass is a non-damaging Battle Art that gives enemy troops a chance to forget to attack. Hourglass will target multiple enemies at the same time each turn it is used, but it will not target all enemy troops. At level 1, Hourglass creates a 1% chance that enemies hit with this battle art will forget to attack on their turn. At level 10, the probabilty of targetted enemy troops not attacking increases to 11%.


The Chipmech is the Chrono Dragon's familiar. It is required to unlock and upgrade the Chrono Dragon's third Battle Art, Hourglass.

Chipmech can be won through events, found in Fortuna's Vault, or in the Treasure Hold.

Mephitic SerpentEdit

A level eleven Mephitic Serpent possesses the ability to learn the Battle Arts Noxious Gas, Bog and Mud Bath. The Snalligator is the Mephitic Serpent Familiar.

Noxious Gas: Gas permeates through the ground, poisoning enemy troops and causing damage each turn. As your level in this Battle Art increases, you will damage more Troop types each turn.

Bog: A thick layer of marsh fog causes loss of vision. Each turn, enemy troops have a chance of skipping their turn or of attacking one of their own units.

Mud Bath: The familiar lures unsuspecting enemies into the bottomless sludge. They sink into the mire, becoming once-living mud sculptures. This attack has a chance to destroy all enemy troops of a random type.


The Snalligator is the Mephitic Serpent's familiar. It is required to unlock and upgrade the Mephitic Serpent's third Battle Art, Mudbath.

Defending Against Battle ArtsEdit

Battle Arts can be devastating, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Most battle arts occur during the Elemental Dragon's turn, with a few exceptions (Fire Dragon's Flamethrower and Frost Dragon's Frost Bite). To prevent taking damage from Battle Arts, build a defense that can successfully defend on a single turn with troops that are faster than the Elemental Dragon.
  • If this is not possible, then keep in mind the risk associated with walling against a Fire Dragon that can eliminate all of a single troop type each turn it gets. Do not put your entire army on the wall. Do put at least one of each troop type. If a single conscript is chosen at random for Immolation, then that ability is wasted for a turn, giving you a chance to kill the Fire Dragon before it gets another turn.
  • Defending units always attack second. This means that valuable troops like Lava Jaws, Lightning Cannons, and Fire Mirrors will defend after the Fire Dragon has attacked. You could lose all of any of these units before they do any damage. If you do defend with elite troops or troops of high value, keep enough hidden to farm Anthropus camps when you are recovering.
  • Sanctuary boosts that give your troops speed or reduce the attacker's speed or range are very useful.
  • It is virtually impossible to defend against Tidal Wave, Immolation, Charge, Molten Rising, and Flame Throwers without having some loses. These Battle Arts occur more than once (with exception to Flame Throwers, which will occur once for every range troop that comes within range of your units). Make sure that the number of troops you are risking is worth defending your resources.

Viewing the Effects of Battle ArtsEdit

To see how the Battle Arts affected the outcome of the battle, open the battle report, and look for a blue dragon icon below the General's portrait. Hover your mouse over this icon, and a textbox will pop up listing the damage done by each battle art.

Battle Arts and Anthropus CampsEdit

Fire Dragon Battle Arts Lvl 11 Camp Victory

Kabam published a battle report of a Water Dragon beating a level 11 Anthropus Camp. The screen capture obscures the damage taken by the attacker, but the battle reports information shows that many Fangtooths died in this attack. The Water Dragon does not become powerful enough to clear a level 11 camp without losses.

The fully upgraded Fire Dragon can often clear a level 11 camp, depending on the order that troop types are eliminated by Immolation. Send your attack with a single spy as a speed bump and deployment aid. The spy will usually die, but is easily replaced.

Note that success against Anthropus camps will not be as easily duplicated in PvP battle since Anthropus have no research or wall resistance boost. Their slower troops are significantly more vulnerable to Battle Arts.

Power from Battle ArtsEdit

Your power goes up when you upgrade battle arts starting at level 2 for each art. A list can be found on the Power Builder 101 page.

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