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Drag Each upgrade increases BD's and SSD's Speed during battle by 5%.

Dragonry is a Research that can be studied at the Science Center. Dragonry is required to train Swift Strike Dragons(lvl 2) and Battle Dragons(lvl 3) as well as a prerequisite to researching Aerial Combat.

Dragonry is one of the four combat researches that alter troop stats in battle. Unlike the other three research topics, (Weapons Calibrations, Metallurgy, and Medicine), Dragonry only affects Swift Strike Dragons and Battle Dragons. This severely limits the effectiveness of Dragonry when it comes to combat, as it is specialized to only two troops. The speed increase, however, does play an important role for players who use SSDs and BDs frequently, as it helps put SSDs close in on their enemies in battle. **Dragonry does NOT reduce the time it takes for SSDs and BDs to march.**

Dragonry's most important function, however, is allowing players to train Aerial Combat, which is required to use Great Dragons in battle and also allows GDs to march into battle with less health.

Levels Research Times Cost Requirements
1 37m 2s 2,500 Food; 5,000 Gold; 1,000 Metals Level 3 SC; Level 1 Rookery
2 1h 14m 59s 5,000 Food; 10,000 Gold; 2,000 Metals Level 3 SC; Level 2 Rookery
3 2h 31m 51s 10,000 Food; 20,000 Gold; 4,000 Metals Level 3 SC; Level 3 Rookery
4 5h 7m 30s 20,000 Food; 40,000 Gold;  8,000 Metals Level 4 SC and Rookery
5 10h 22m 43s 40,000 Food; 80,000 Gold; 16,000 Metals Level 5 SC and Rookery
6 21h 1m 0s 80,000 Food; 160,000 Gold;  32,000 Metals Level 6 SC and Rookery
7 1d 15h 30m 8s 160,000 Food; 320,000 Gold;  64,000 Metals Level 7 SC and Rookery
8 3d 7h 0m 16s 320,000 Food; 640,000 Gold; 128,000 Metals Level 8 SC and Rookery
9 3d 7h 0m 16s 640,000 Food; 1,280,000 Gold; 256,000 Metals Level 9 SC and Rookery
10 5d 6h 17m 36s 1,280,000 Food; 2,560,000 Gold; 512,000 Metals Level 10 SC and Rookery
11 5d 6h 17m 36s 1,280,000 Food; 2,560,000 Gold; 512,000 Metals Level 11 SC; lvl 10 Rookery
12 5d 6h 17m 36s 1,280,000 Food; 2,560,000 Gold; 512,000 Metals Level 15 SC; lvl 10 Rookery

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