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Welcome to The Official Dragons of Atlantis Wiki!

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Dragons of Atlantis is a war-strategy game currently found on Facebook, Google+, and

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Dragons of Atlantis News
  • Dark Slayers are now trainable in you City!
  • Sand Striders are now trainable in the Solarian Highlands!
  • Helio Dragon Eggs are now in the Wildernesses! Attack level 8+ Plains + GD/ED to obtain them! Happy Hunting!
  • Amber Crest Dragon Eggs are in the Wildernesses! Attack Level 7+ Forests + GD/ED... Happy Hunting!
  • Leaderboards are also out on! Click the link in the top right corner to go there now!
  • Frost Giant are now trainable in the Ice Outpost for those playing on!
  • The Serpent Egg is now available in Wildernesses! Level 5+ Lakes + GD/ED... Happy Hunting.
  • [Victoria] announced in the forums that Kabam is slowly opening old realms to combat inactivity!

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