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Drop locations of eggs & Armor and other...

cc/j. powell Noob Training 101

Hello Citizens of Atlantis! We have made some modifications to the locations of items in Anthropus Camps and Wildernesses to balance the distribution of items and to hopefully be more player friendly. Here are where items can currently be found in-game:


Great Dragon Armor:

Camps level 5 and higher (note: all other armors require use of a GD/ED to find this appears to have changed you dont need dragons )

Water Dragon Egg:

In Lakes level 5 and higher

Water Dragon Armor:

In Lakes level 7 and higher

Stone Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Hills level 7 and higher

Fire Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Mountains level 7 and higher

Wind Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Savannahs Level 7 and higher

Wraith Dragon Remains:

Head - Level 7 and above Forests

Body - Level 7 and above Hills

Tail - Level 7 and above Lakes

Talons - Level 7 and above Mountains

Frost Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Mountains Level 7 or higher

Mephitic Serpent Egg & Armor:

In Lakes Level 7 or higher

Amber Crest Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Forests Level 7 or higher

Helio Dragon Egg & Armor:

In Plains Level 8 or higher

Chronos dragon & Armor:

core level 8 or higher plains

Kaiser dragon & Armor & key ( use dragons)-   in camps 10 & up and win or buy 

steelshard dragon & Armor - win or buy  special OP requires special items to upgrade (Coldsteel items)

Luna Dragon & armore -- win or buy  - special OP requires special items to upgrade (Luna Rocks +)


All Eggs no longer appear to require use of a GD/ED to find


Fangtooth Respirators & Swamp Scales:

In Lakes and Anthropus Camps Level 7 and higher

Glowing Mandrakes

In Hills and Anthropus Camps Level 7 and higher

Volcanic Runes:

In Mountains and Anthropus Camps level 7 and higher

Banshee Talons:

In Savannahs and Anthropus Camps level 7 and higher

Reaper Totems & Glacial Runes

In Mountains and Anthropus Camps level 7 and higher

Titan Seedlings

In Forests and Anthropus Camps Level 7 and higher (requires using the Amber Crest Dragon)

Untrainables - some can be traind when kabam announces or won 

Pack Dragons

Lightning Cannons

Venge Wyrms

Storm Drakes

Arctic Leviatans

Dimensional Ruiners

Thunder Golems

As before, higher level Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps are more likely to yield the desired items. In addition, keep in mind that item drops are random. You can get the armor piece you want in 10 attacks, 800 and maybe more. Even if it was easy to get an egg, it may prove more difficult to get the armor or vice versa. Just remember that there is no set number of attacks needed to get items. Even if you have attacked 1,000s of camps and are getting frustrated just remember to keep trying because one day you will see that glorious battle report saying you got just what you are looking for!

Best of luck Atlantis!

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