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This is a quick guide on what level
Complete Set of Dragon Armor and Dragon Stages
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Wildernesses you must attack for you to obtain dragon eggs and armor. This has been compiled from other pages in this wiki.

Note: You must have a Great Dragon or Elemental Dragon included in the march for the eggs and armor. The only dragon exception to egg collecting is the Great Dragon. Simply upgrade your Dragon's Keep to obtain the egg, hatch it & grow it. Attack Level 5+ Camps for the armor. In order to build any given OP you must:

  1. Own the corresponding Egg for that Outpost (eg. water egg for a water outpost)
  2. Possess the previous Outpost (there are exceptions)
  3. Possess an unused Wilderness of the required type
  4. Be at or over a certain level

To get armor for other Dragons, you must have the corresponding Outpost built. You do not, however, have to have the armor for the previous Outpost's Dragon. Note: You can get the Eggs for your Outposts much quicker than you can get the armor. Therefore, it is generally quicker to get your Water Egg, build Water Outpost, get Stone Egg, build Stone Outpost, etc until you have all 4 of the original Outposts. Then work on getting armor for them so you can get your Spectral Ruins and do the same for the next "chain" of Outposts. [*]To find the Items highlighted in Yellow you need the Spectral Ruins. (Note: The Serpent egg can be obtained without the spectral ruins, it is just a lower drop rate. It is also possible that this could happen for the other eggs that require the spectral ruins.)

Dragon Eggs Armor Tips
Water Dragon Lakes Level 5+ Lakes Level 7+ Waving
Stone Dragon Hills Level 7+ Hills Level 7+ Waving
Fire Dragon Mountains Level 7+ Mountains Level 7+ Waving
Wind Dragon Savanna Level 7+ Savanna Level 7+ Waving
Chrono dragon Plains Level 8+ Plains Level 8+ Waving
Frost Dragon Mountains Level 5+ Mountains Level 5+


Mephitic Serpent Lakes Level 5+ Lakes Level 7+


Amber Crest Dragon Forests Level 7+ Forests Level 7+ Waving
Helio Dragon Plains Level 8+ Plains Level 8+ Waving
Kaiser Dragon

Level 7 + Camps

Level 8 + Camps Waving
Steelshard Dragon

Tournament or Cash Shop

Unavailable Get to rank 30 in Global Tournament or buy the "Lucky Steelshard Chest" in the Shop.
Luna Dragon


Unavailable Only available in events and the shop.
Wraith Remains Head Body Tail Talons
Wraith Dragon Forests Level 7+ Hills Level 7+ Lakes Level 7+ Mountains Level 7+

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