When you have a large amount of low-level troops to increase your power count, those troops are called fluff, or fake power. Fluff troops are typically conscripts or minotaurs, but include other low level troops too. For low-level players, minotaurs and such can be a good way to beat the low level camps before they are able to train stronger troops. However, for high level players, those fluff-troops have little or no use because of their low strenght against higher level troops, like stalkers, volt rangers, lava jaws etc. Thus, fluff-troops are used for their power count.

One can train fluff to look like a more powerful player or to reach tiers in power challenges. Minotaurs are often trained when using testronius items because their high power:idle pop ratio makes them the troop with lowest testronius-cost for each power. Conscripts can be trained when you are not using testronius items because their low training time makes them the fastest power-gainer when you train without using testronius-items.

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