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Food is one of the 8 resources (including Blue Energy, Anthropus Talismans, Gold, and Population) in Dragons of Atlantis. It's one of the most important items in the game because you can't train troops or upgrade most buildings without it.

Food is only required to set training queues. After you set your troops, it will run out and nothing will happen. Your troops do not starve, leave, or become unhappy. This is normal and unavoidable unless you have Rationing researched.

Ways to Obtain FoodEdit

Below are the pros and cons of the ways to obtain food.


One method of earning food is by building Farms. Farms automatically generate food for you. More food is generated at higher levels. You can create even more food by capturing lakes and savannahs, which increase your food production by 5% per wilderness level. Like all Field buildings, however, Farms consume large amounts of idle population. Therefore, you would be limited to the amounts of troops you can train in a single instance.

Farming Camps and WildernessesEdit

Attacking Anthropus Camps is a popular method of obtaining food. If one has enough troops, food is easily won in camps. There are considerably large amounts of food for each level, and with the correct number of troops, you will incur no losses. Lakes and Savannahs are also used for farming food.

Looting PlayersEdit

Another method is to attack Other Players. This is a great option if there is a lower risk target with the resources you desire. You can spy players to see how much resources they are holding.You can also attack glitched cities but they rarely have food.


Yet another method is to buy food from the trading system. Trading for food is difficult because the number of trades possible at one time is limited, time constraints, etc. Also, food is consumed by troops immediately after arrival; therefore you must put it to use immediately or waste it to consumption. However, if you can coordinate attacks on camps with the arrival of your traded goods, you can set a large amount of troops or upgrades with little effort. Trade is used frequently early on when obtaining resources may be most difficult.

Amber Crest DragonEdit

Sending out the ACD with a couple thousand Pack Dragons against a lvl 1 lake or savana will return just a hair over 10 million food.  Use this ONLY  when you actually need it as it will then take the dragon a full day before it can be used once more.

What is Food Used For?Edit

Food is an extremely important resource. Players use it to train troops, to trade, and to build. Food is also good for philantrophic players - they can sell 1m for 1k to new players, because it is a vital resource early on.

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