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Gold is one of the 8 resources (including Blue Energy and Anthropus Talismans) in DoA.

How to use gold?Edit


  • Dragon Keeps, Garrisons/training camps, Science Center
  • Upgrading Sanctuary Dragons
  • Building/Upgrading Buildings

Where to get gold?Edit

The main source of gold income is from tax. The more population a player has, the higher the gold income that player will receive from taxes. The tax rate may be adjusted in the fortress in your main city. Be careful though, as adjusting your tax rate too far will decrease your population's happiness, therefore lowering your idle population. This can be counter-acted by building and upgrading a theater. 

Also, gold is easily found from attacking other players and Anthropus Camps. It is a fairly easy resource to get, although in the beginning of the game some have trouble with it. 

You can also get gold from selling resources through Trade.

Other ways to get it is through Fortuna's Chance, Fortuna's Vault, and other various minigames.

Gold may also be purchased in the shop.

Can you protect gold? Edit

There are four ways to protect gold.

  1. Defeat the attacker
  2. Set an anti-farm sanc that keeps the attacker from getting through the boosts
  3. Send the gold to the spectral ruins or another player.
  4. The storage vault can protect gold from level 11+
    • Level 11 - 500k
    • Level 12 - 1m
    • Level 13 - 1.5m
    • Level 14 - 2m
    • Level 15 - 2.5m
    • Level 16 - 5m

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