Hot Keys are keyboard keys that will do certain things in the game. added Hot Keys that can be used to go to a window faster than clicking on it. For some players this can be very useful. The list below shows all of the Hot Keys.

DoA Hot Keys Keyboard
Hot key Toggles Open/Close
Q Quest window
W Wall window
E Empire/Outpost/Wilderness window
R Research (Science Center) window
T Train window
I Message (Inbox) window
S Shop window
D Dragons Keep window
F Switches to the Field
G Generals window
H Hephaestus' Forge
L Leaderboard window (Even without the Leaderboard button!)
X Attack window
C Switches to your City/Outpost
B Sanctuary
M Switches to the Map
Esc Close/open windows
A Alliance window (Even without the Alliance button!)

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Page last updated: 2017-10-16 04:32 (UTC)

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