Hot Keys are keyboard keys that will do certain things in the game. added Hot Keys that can be used to go to a window faster than clicking on it. For some players this can be very useful. The list below shows all of the Hot Keys.

Note: Hot Keys only work when clicking somewhere in the game and not when chatting in chat. 

DoA Hot Keys Keyboard
Hot key Toggles Open/Close
Q Quest window
W Wall window
E Empire/Outpost/Wilderness window
R Research (Science Center) window
T Train window
I Message (Inbox) window
S Shop window
D Dragons Keep window
F Switches to the Field
G Generals window
H Hephaestus' Forge
L Leaderboard window (Even without the Leaderboard button!)
X Attack window
C Switches to your City/Outpost
B Sanctuary
M Switches to the Map
Esc Close/open windows
A Alliance window (Even without the Alliance button!)

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