Lineage Seal

Lineage Seals are used to upgrade some buildings to a high level. You use Completion Grants for level 10, and Anchestral Seals for level 11 and above. However, for some buildings, when you reach high enough levels you will need to use Lineage Seals instead. Sometimes, you will also need to use more than one Lineage Seal to get the building to the next level.

Buildings like the ones in the Skythrone, Steelshard caverns and Luna plains do not require any Lineage seals because they have their own upgrade items (coldsteel fragments, dragon keys, luna stones etc). Neither does homes require Lineage seals because they also have their own upgrade items(Better Home Grants, Better Estate Grants and Dominion Grants). Some buildings does not have high enough levels that Lineage Seals are necessary. These are the buildings that currently require Lineage Seals:

The Lineage Seals are very rare items. Rarer than both Anchestral Seals and Completion Grants. Use them wisely.

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