The Luna Plains are the Outpost for the Luna Dragon. Troops' souls can be summoned here, which can be sent in a march with the Luna Dragon. They do not return to the Luna Plains after a march. 

Along with the Luna Dragon Keep, the Luna Plains contains 7 buildings that can be used to summon lost souls for marching. There are no fields in this outpost to collect resources.

Six buildings are used to collect souls for specific troops:

Building Troop Type Troops:
Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10

Level 15

Level 20
Troops: Level 25
Library Speed Spy SSD Banshee PD Venge Wyrms Shadow Stalker (none)
Cathedral Defense Halberdsman AT Reaper Harrier Thunder Golems War Scarab (none)
Depot Range LBM (none) Strider LJ Arctic Leviathans (none) (none)
Academy Ranged Attack Power Porter FM FT VD Lightning Cannons Volt Ranger Colossal Mite
Greenhouse Life Mino BD GO Titan Storm Drake Shaman (none)
Forge Melee Strength Conscript Giant DS FG Dimensional Ruiner Dragon Rider Abyssal Ravager

Upgrading these buildings makes new troop types available. Lunar Rocks are required for upgrading up to level 6. Lunar Stones are required for upgrading level 7-10. Luna gems are required for upgrading level 11-15. Luna Meteorites are required for upgrading level 16-20. Summoning troops gives the Luna Dragon an attack bonus, in the category associated with that troop.

The Shrine is used to summon troops. Clicking on the building will show how much Lunar energy you have available and give you the option to summon troops. Upgrading the shrine will increase your capacity and fill rate for lunar energy. Upgrading the shrine also requires rocks and stones.

Summoned troops cannot be dismissed. When you send an attack with the Luna dragon, all summoned troops will automatically join the march.

Troops summon immediately. Each troop requires Luna Energy. In general, 1 unit of Luna Energy is required for each LVL 1 troop, 3 for each LVL 4, 5 for each LVL 7. Exceptions are: LBM require 2, FM require 4.

Upgrading buildings gives 25 power for upgrading to LVL 1, then the power awarded doubles for each level added. The first upgrade takes 6m 20s without levitation. Upgrade time doubles for each level. The shrine starts at LVL1 and takes 19 minutes for the first upgrade (without Levitation).

Building the Luna Plains outpost completes a quest that grants 3 Luna Rocks as the reward.

Research and Sanctuary boosts do apply to summoned troops.

The Luna Plains outpost can be attacked. The Luna Dragon will take damage if it is not marching. The summoned troops do not defend and will not be harmed. Troops can still be summoned while the outpost is burning.

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