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Troops: Petrified Titan

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Troops: Petrified Titan
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 5000
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 1500
Life: 7500
Speed: 50
Load: 0
Power: 20
Upkeep: 10

"One of the oldest beings of Atlantis. Also one of its mightiest. These massive protectors of nature have no natural enemies. Typically docile and peaceful, they remain at rest and commune with nature. When provoked, they are unstoppable."

The Petrified Titan is an elite troop that is trainable only in the Gaea Springs with a level 10 Training Camp. This troop may be powerful, but it is very expensive in researches, resources, and training time. So use them wisely. The base training time of 1 Petrified Titan (PT) is 30 minutes, regardless of what level the training camps are. So 30k PT's take about 625 days.

Their power is an advantage, as they give 20 power each. Petrified Titans have more defense and  2nd best melee attack damage in Atlantis. Their low speed makes them vulnerable to ranged attack, however. 

When combined with ranged troops, the Petrified Titan would act as a "meat shield" and protect your ranged attackers (LJs) while they are killing the enemies troops. If there were enough rounds, the Titan would cause major damage to the other troops; however, given their very low speed, it would require a lot of rounds before this would happen. Presumably, Titans are very good at fighting speed troops, but are too slow to be of much use against ranged troops, so that even LBM may kill Titans easily.

Training RequirementsEdit

Titan Seedling

You must have a Titan Seedling for each one of these mightly Titans that you train. When a Petrified Titan dies, you do not get the seedling back, but you will be able to revive them in the Spectral Ruins. You can obtain these seedlings from level 7+ Forests and level 11 Anthropus Camps, purchased from the Shop with Rubies or won from Fortuna .

At times, training this troop will not need a seedling, however, this only happens during events. When it happens, it is advisable to queue mass amounts of troops.

Lowering Titan TrainingEdit

The only possible way to lower Titan training (other than using Speed Ups) is to breed your Stone Dragon with your Great Dragon (or their offspring). The special ability you should receive is "Petrified Titan Training." See the Sanctuary to review more details about dragon enhanced abilities.
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