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Everyone wants their opinion heard about all the recent game changes and new features released by Kabam. So here is the place were anyone can put what they want Kabam to see, polls about recent additions, and things they would like changed.

If you have something to add to this page, make a header at the bottom, and put your thoughts below it. It helps if you have an account so you can sign your post with the "signature" button at the top.

Only RULES are that there is no foul language, no trashing other's thoughts, and no whining... constructive criticism only. Any one that strays from these rules will be booted without hesitation.

Make real suggestions, no one will listen if you only complain and don't suggest a fix!

Fresh Idea "Infusing troops"Edit

I mostly play in the realm Rail, and me and a few other people from the realm have talked about making troops trained in certain outposts infused from the outpost.

Ex. Fire outpost, training swift strike dragons would give them a slightly different, firey look, and possibly boost there stats a little.

This would be different for every outpost, and troop. Also the special outposts could provide special abilities.

EX. Gaea Springs= increase load capacity of troops.

Also i think it would be neat if there were either undead troops, or dare i call them zombie troops... I saw the zombie scales for the GD, and imediatly thought "there should so be undead or zombie troops." I think that after reviving them it would be a nice touch to have your troops come back as undead troops. Various stat changes could be applied, or not. As of now i just think it would be neat to give the troops a little different look, and name, but slight stat changes would also be nice to see. Just to add some more variance to the game. let me know what you think of the ideas of the people from RAIL! :D

-Le Grande Baltimore

Free Rubies WeeklyEdit

Not everyone can pay for Rubies and A lot of things are obtained just by rubies; so I think that Kabam should make A weekly program that If you login A whole week without any misses, Kabam should give 5 Rubies or 2 Rubies In order to help everybody in the game. If everything is dependent on Rubies and nobody would want to buy them, they will start leaving the game cause the higher power players are going much higher and the lower ones are going much lower. Kabam Shoud Make An Exception!! - DeathEater 03.40, March 08, 2012

I fully agree. Earning rubies doesn´t even work when I try. However, maybe ten rubies every three weeks would be better. Only dedicated players would receive them, and from what I´ve seen, a lot of the ruby-buyers are not dedicated. Ergo, it would put a minimal dent in Kabam ruby sales. ThePurpleDragonNinja 16:25 November 28, 2012 (UTC)
I think that anthropus camps should contain rubies, or that if you play 5-10 fortunas vault you get a special lottery with only rubies.
Something like 5 ruby pack or maximum 100 ruby pack.
Please send a message to the kabam support cause I don't know how.
DRACO from dragon horde allaince.

I agree as well. Being a low ranked player insn't easy belive me i've been there. People are constantly attacking players and Kabam doesn't even care. I think that Kabam should give 5 rubies to players each day to players of 1,000,000 power down to 100. --- Vecon 3:45, January 25 2013 I am glade Kabam has done this, but if Kabam gave a bonus of more chances to win special prizes in fortuna, like ancestral seals then more gamers can grow just as fast as the older player. I have been their too Vecon and it can be and long time befor you 12 completion grants, and the ancentrals needed to build up your city, and outpost to train troops, and complete all the researches. Overlord, Bone Collector --  02-02-2013.

Personally  think that just letting someone start with more rubies opposed to the 10 that they give us would be more beneficial. Like really, 10 rubies gets you what? really not much, but lets say they gave everyone like 500, and a chance to earn 50 more by doing certain quests.
EX. GD level 11= 10 rubies, and each Elemental dragon OP started = 10 rubies
Thats 100 rubies, and if they work to get the second set of 50, then that means they are staying in the game, and have gotten there OP's started. Besides i think most new players get killed off before they are ready for a fight. They need some kinda jumpstart, and frankly 10 rubies just isnt the jumpstart they need. 50 would be more plausible, thanks - Le Grande Baltimore 
I like the idea but don't think Kabam would ever consider ruby give-aways over 2. Therefore, more practically, I support 2. Through what means, I don't care? Any is plenty. Romallus X (talk) 21:23, May 30, 2013 (UTC)
 i play on 12 realms and have 2 alts.i need rubies, however the prices are a bould 10times to hight. if we could sell items and get rubies back for them we could grow way faster.
If you are able to sell items back for rubies, I don't think you should be able to sell back anthroupus tailsmans unless it is 50,000 or more for 2 rubies,  because I heard some people in chat on mesite talking about having 10 million anthroupus tailsmans. Also I have a ton of dark warp devices, curses, seize fire treaty's, momentary truces, and nanos I am never going to use. I could get rubies to buy things I actually need, or just keep using them for no reason. I also think holy lights should go because no one ever uses curses, and even if they do, big deal, you lose 25% recource for who cares how long. --Pendragon.
I like the idea of selling items for rubies. Kabam should consider this idea, because considering that the major ruby purchasers do so to have an advantage over other players, they would need to buy more rubies to keep this advantage. Of course if they gave too much it wouldnt work, but the modeat amounts of rubies propposed here would increase ruby sales most likley. 
Kabam really should allow us to sell our useless items, for a really discounted price for eg, a thing tht costs 100 rubies in the shop sell for 4-10 rubies, smthing like that
also kabam should include rubies as part of the weekly fortunas thing, having the option to play the vault or get 5 free rubies, this would keep more people active and also encourage more people to come--          The Alpha, razorbill, oct 21 2013

Ruby PricesEdit

I know I'm not the only one that thinks Rubies are over-priced. And since a lot of things in DoA require Rubies (Completion Grants, Ancestral Seals, Speeds) I would buy a lot more Rubies if I could afford to. Dropping $400 at one time is a bit much, but $20 doesn't get you enough to do anything. You have to pay $50 to get a Chronos bag which is the only thing I actually use. Too much. What do you think? LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Kabam - prices

Laffer Curve

I totally agree with LurkersRus on this matter. In fact, I spent some time (with my awesome paint skills and some knowledge of economics) to illustrate in a better way Kabam's position, and the way to improve it. The picture I've attached (that is supposed to be on the right) is known as the Laffer Curve. I've changed the axis' labels so that it suits our case. The curve is usually used to help understand how TAXES work, but I will use it for ruby prices. The idea is basically that Kabam's revenue increases as the price of the rubies increases, but only until it reaches the optimum point (the peak). After which the government, or in this case Kabam, starts losing revenue as it increases the ruby prices because people are unable and unwilling to pay that much. Kabam, in my opinion, currently overshoots the optimum- and whereas it is impossible in the real world to be at the exact optimum, it is still possible to be close to it. Ceteris Paribus, decreasing the ruby prices will therefore lead to bigger revenue since people will buy more of them- and Kabam's loss in income due to lower ruby prices will be covered by the increase of buyers. Please excuse my long explanation. Bottom line- lower prices will bring producer and customer satisfaction. Rami1994 20:28, May 26, 2012 (UTC)
I also completely agree. I mean, if you look at the prices of rubies and jow many rubies it takes to buy things, it's ridiculous. I mean, you do get some bonus rubies and extra items, but not many people can spend $400 (the price of the largest pack) on an online game! And you're right, the offers are just a waste of time.StarChaser97 (talk) 11:10, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Wraith Dragon FixesEdit

So, everyone knows the Wraith is not going away. It's here for good... so what are some suggestions for making it less of an annoyance and more of an interesting addition? Troop that only kills the Wraith? Increasing the requirements to make it only usable maybe 1x per week unless you spend Rubies? 

I don't disagree entirely with the changes except for the fact that you can not summon it until you have it at level 10 which requires another CG. As I've said more than enough, CGs are too hard to get without rubies. I know they want to make as much money as possible, but if they keep implementing features that only the paying factors can get... they will be making a lot less money before long. I don't want to play a game that my non-paying friends can't play will be the main reason. Instead of going about it this way, what I would have done is this... Scratch all of the changes they made, starting from the original requirements:

  • Raise the cost of Blue Energy to whatever the max is at all lvl 9 buildings.
  • Fix the Wraith dragons speed to make it WORTH the hassle (just an annoyance of mine).
  • Make it non-speedable and non-recallable. This way players have a chance to get their stuff in order to defend it and the attacker can't recall therefore they lose that blue energy all the same.
  • Give the Wraith a heal time, same as other dragons... maybe not "heal" but some time that it is required to sit out that will dissuede people from serial attacks. LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)
The main issue with them is that they are "undefeatable" when in fact they are defeatable, it just requires you to lose troops while the other person loses absolutely nothing. So to fix this issue, I recommend they make it to where if you defend the Wraith, for each 10% of life it loses the defender will get X amount of blue energy... up to like 100k. LurkersRus 07:16, February 25, 2012 (UTC)
I think the problem you mention, LurkersRus, should be addressed by some sort of `ironic bonus`; for defeating the Wraith Dragon, you should be rewarded with 1000 Anthropus Talismans or more. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 15:31, November 19, 2012 (UTC)
Yes, i agree with these last two additions. It should not even matter if you so much as kill the wriath, but in the attempt to defend against it, however much of the wraths health you take away percentage wise would result in that much blue energy increase for lets say 12 hours. So if you defend and take 89% of the wraiths health then you get an 89% boost to your blue energy production, and talismans recieved on camp attacks. 
    Anoter idea, more closely related to the other two, is that by defending your city from the wraith, and actually dealing some damage, the wraith will "drop" Talisman, or Blue energy. Obviously to make this worth it, it would need to be large amounts of blue energy, and or talisman.
-Le Grande Baltimore

Make separate March from Muster Points from OutpostEdit

I think when we reinforce troops in outpost the march from our city musterpoint which consume that march should be seprated to that Oupost reinforced and shouldnt counted for city muster point, this will help alot who want to reinforce outpost and still attack to farm.

Riaz Ahmed

Improving DefenseEdit

If your realm is like my realm it looks like a graveyard for inactive cities and people that you USED to know before they quit. The few people that do defend are afraid to due to 100 member alliances all using the Wraith 1 after another. So what are some suggestions that would make YOU defend more often? Higher revival rates? Less revival times? Wall defenses like LJs that are fixed on the wall that you can build? LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Suggestion: Gargoyle units: automatically wall defenders, even spies can't see if they're built or not or numbers. Spies can only see them with level 10/11 clairvo.
I agree there should be something to improve the wall give it a attack value maybe. Suggestion: you already have troops just raise the defense powers on all .just double the defense power for each troop since right now attack power is triple or more than defense.
Perhaps a reward of one Fortuna's Ticket for every attack warded off. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 16:14, February 2, 2013 (UTC)
                      Good idea. That way, a certain alliance member could quit temporarily, then wall up 100 con attacks from his alliance to get 100 tix and a lot of CGs. THAT would make the game more playable for non rubiers.

Suggestions on the Inactive CitiesEdit

How do you propose Kabam work on the inactive Cities issue? Merge realms? Open old realms with month long protection period + some beginner resource packages and that you can opt out BP when/if you want to? Give people a "Realm Warp Pass" that allows them to warp their City/OPs to 1 of 5-10 choices? LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

There are alot of people in my realm that want to move because there are a TON of inactive people and the realm is full so no one can join it. I REALLY want something like a realm hop because i dont think peolpe like having to restart getting everything again (outpost's and power).
A realm jop or realm hop type thing would be great for the active players in full realms and kabam could sell them for say 50-100 rubys. They would be great for both kabam and the players in the full realm.
They'd have to put some limitations on a realm hop item though, where some players have 100million+ power on old servers, if a player that powerfull hopped to a brand new realm they would easily destroy any competition, you'd have a core of very powerfull players hopping through the new realms. Kabam also wouldn't do this as I am sure there are some people with too much money that shell out to build powerfull cities on multiple realms. Some sort of server merging seems like the best idea to me, atleast out of the current ideas.
What SHOULD happen is this: Scrap the realm hop idea. Change the game scripting so a city less than 100,000 power gets deleted when it's been inactive for 28 days (4 weeks). Make sure this is included in the tutorial at the beginning of the game though.
I like the 4 weeks of no activity be deleted. I have multiple cities around me with 0 to 4k power that haven't moved in the two months I have been playing. My friends joining me had to start on a new server and I was forced to start over to be with them.
(reset indent) 7-3-12 Also, they could delete people in stages. After a realm has been open for 6 months delete anyone under 100k power, after a year delete anyone under 500k power, and to prevent active players getting shafted by this they could send out warning messages ahead of time. Added by KD
For the 4 weeks of inactivity suggestion, I sometimes have to go on multiple business trips in a row, making it hard for me to log on. Instead, it should be either people under a certain level after four weeks, similar to the suggestion above me, or it should be that your level times two equals the amount of weeks you can go without activity.
I would say that players which haven´t logged on for over a year should be deleted. Simple, clean and removes the risk of a lot of angry players. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 15:34, November 19, 2012 (UTC)
Let me revise that last statement. One should get one email if you haven't played in over a year, stating that your account will be deleted soon. Two months later another email, and then three months after that it would be deleted. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 15:43, December 9, 2012 (UTC) EDIT: The good thing about the one year and two months system is that enough new cities (most doomed to become inactive) will be started in that period to keep farming possible. And once enough cities are deleted, old realms will unlock again.
i like the realm hop thing idea, it should only let you hop to a older realm and not a newer one untill its been open for like a month or two so people have a chance to grow up power. it should only be available in the vault though so ruby players can't change realms every day. make it so that your op's go to random plains of the same level they are on in your original realm and put your city in a random spot. a lot of people in my realm don't want to go to a new realm and maybe 20 people joined the realm when they reopened it and than they quit to go to a newer realm, maybe 40 people total still play in the realm and almost all of them are wanting to go to a new realm but they don't want to leave all their hard work for nothing in a basicly dead realm. 10:35 a.m 2/17/13 pacific coast time
But still if people who have 250 million power hop to a realm that has been open for a month could form an alliance and dominate. I think people under 5 million power should be able to hop because they could be lagging and be behind the other people. Also you get your wraith dragon ready by about then, so you should be able to successfully counter attack to attacks. --Pendragon
honestly there are so many cities with zero power, if they would just delete any cities at zero power at the end of protection it would free up the realms a lot for new active players to come in.  This must be an easy fix too. It would stimulate competition and ruby sales
what if there are no realms only lvls a lvl 11 player can't attack a player under lvl 5 or 10 and also can't attack a player above then 20m power what if there are only lvls and all lvls are separated a lvl2 player can't attack a player lvl1 and lvl3?
ali220328 (realm Harlequin)

Upgrade Beginner TroopsEdit

I personally would like to see some of the regular (non-OP) troops get some revamps making them more usable throughout the game. It makes the game less diverse when the only troops people can use are the OP troops because the stats on the regular troops are not usable past a certain point in the game. I was thinking of maybe individual "researches" for them similar to what they have on Edgeworld. You can upgrade your LBM or Minos to X level to make them better and more compatible with OP troops. LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Combining this idea with the one below, upgrade quests with CG rewards, so that newbies can't use and waste the CGs needlessly.
Maybe even making a certain research 'unattainable' until a certain OP and/or dragon level, to make it thematic. Improve march speeds/Water OP (better water storage ideas), Improve Load limits/Earth OP, Improve damage/Fire OP, Improve range/Wind OP
Great ideas above, IDEAS...How about being able to upgrade troops when Keep reaches L10..
1. LBMs with fire arrows, doubles damage.
2. Minos with armor to make them near giant.
3. Cons to LBM
Here is some more Ideas:

1.Dragons shoot fire. How do ssd's and bd's not have range?

2. I think at's should do more damage. They're these monsters who barely have any melee, when they're huge!

3. Rock is stronger than wood right? Granite ogres may be a little bit smaller, but that's no excuse to do a little more than half the damage. (Wood is the giants club). --Pendragon.

i think because 20lbm are the equivalent to one lava jaw. lbm trained in outposts should have 10 percent more melee.

Improve the Shop ItemsEdit

If I do buy Rubies, I want better options for things to buy. Throw out all the Curses, Resource Packs (take them out after the 1st month a realm is open), and Resource Nanos. What are some things they can add to replace these items? LurkersRus 06:55, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Consider adding an item that completely negates the negative food production of an army. Perhaps tying it's length of function to the size of the army being supported. Supports X troops with a 10% negation for N hours style. More negation % costs more in Rubies. Similar in effect to the Divine Rations, but percentage and time-based, more items = more rubies spent. 06:20, February 26, 2012 (UTC)
I suggest that some of the items in the Shop can be bought with gold, especially Curses and other 'useless' ones.MODERATOR (jk) 10:20, February 28, 2012 (UTC)
Possibly two 'shops' one that uses Rubies and one that uses in-game gold? 06:46, March 2, 2012 (UTC)  
        Yeah, I really like idea. I really can't afford Rubies with money nowadays. 
I would really like it if there would be a shop that uses Rubies and in game resources. Maybe if something cost X rubies, it could cost 5X wood, or 3X metals + X stone depending on how valuable the item is.

using gold would b nice, but if we could sell items at rubies prices back 2 kabam or to other players.that would b great.

I agree with you guys about adding more things that are better for less i'm to young to have any of the rubies buying thing so I wait while I gain power x .25 of the other people who buy rubies or play the realm every day.


Maybe anthropus could attack your city? They're bound to attack back in real life eventually. Also it should only be ones you are able to defeat. Also camps should have more stone and metals in them. --Pendragon.


Maybe you could have spy killing troops who are assigned specially to that, and only do a fraction of damage to other troops when attacking. If they kill the spy, it could send back less info in the report depending on how fast you killed it. --Pendragon

Better ContestsEdit

Contests that give more than 10 people across the entire game prizes. Open contests that has maybe 1-3 winners per realm that players would like to participate in. Maybe contests like "Most Power Dropped in 1 Battle" have people post their battle reports that week to enter the contest and have them weekly to get people more active in battle other than just sitting and building. Or "Best Defense in a Battle" and have people post their defense reports. LurkersRus 11:05, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

I think the idea of 'Most Power Dropped in 1 Battle' won't work on defense as much as we like because the most power you may take from the attacker is 4 million (a 200k march of petrified titans- kinda hard to make) or 2 million with a 200k elite march with Fire Mirrors / Fangtooth / Sand Striders / Soul Reapers. Therefore there might be alot of 'draws'- will work otherwise though. Anyway, I LOVE the challenges that appear from time to time and give you an infusion as a reward- however, I would like to see them more frequently. I also think Kabam may still improve its times in reward-giving. In other words, taking you less time to obtain your reward after the challenge is over.

note - you can build a march of 500k (even more is possible but this is becoming common), with shamans and stalkers thats 25 million power in one march.

Sometimes i feel as if there should be a lower level prize for like most power gained for "new people" or people who have only played a week or so. The prize could just consist of some resources, or a few speeds, or maybe so tickets to fortuna. I think they should either do this, or choose an unfortunate city who is not doing well at random and give them some kinda of reward. I have seen to many people who once they get down, jsut cant get back up. and eventually quit. -Le Grande Baltimore
i think there should have contests for the player only under 10 million power. then the 245 million power players cant always win contests.kabams just making the stronger ,even stronger..

Improve FortunaEdit

I know Kabam hates to hear the "E" word... but Evony has much better daily prizes and therefore better customer satisfaction. One reason is that on Evony you have the chance to win their form of Rubies. Even if they were small amounts (10-30) it would be a MAJOR improvement upon winning resources packs. It would really be nice if the resources packs, curses, and divine lights were removed completely... but would be decent just to remove them from the Fortuna games. That is supposed to be a "YAY, you logged in everyday this week... here's your chance to win a free prize." but its not because you win stuff you don't want more often than not. LurkersRus 11:05, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Get better prizes for Fortuna's Chance (no problem with Fortuna's Vault), remove curses, resource packs and divine lights. It would be better if Fortuna's Vault have some dragon armors and even Rubies.MODERATOR (jk) 10:27, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

This is i think the number one problem needs to be addressed, get rid of resources in all the fortuna's, and nano's. Even as a new player i had absolutely no use for these. I think that after logging in every day for, say, a month in a row, there should be a special lottery where the items are dragon armor, scales (and possibly dragon `boosts`). It´s not really fair how small a chance non-ruby players have to get these, and this seems like a fair way to reward dedicated players. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 06:42, November 23, 2012 (UTC)

I think they should make fortuna better.In chance no res packs,no curses,no divine lights and chests more CG's and AS.In vault no res pack testronius fusion more chests more armor and scales more troops(e.g. 5k PD's),elite troops and both of them have a higher chance at getting good stuff like fortuna chance 70% and fortuna's vault 90%--------------------WraithDragonTamer54.
An interesting way to do this would be carry Fortuna's Vault over; in other words, your weekly login days would no longer be weekly, but days logged in a row. This would encourage daily playing more so than 5/7 days; instead, dedicated players are rewarded for their faithfulness. Deathstalker707
I think a way to improve fortuna would be to add rubies to the vault. I've heard people talking about making rubies cost less and giving out free rubies to players who log in a lot, but why not put them in the vault? We could win packs of 10, 25, and maybe even 50 rubies. That way, players who don't have the money can have rubies, but only dedicated players could get them. StarChaser97 (talk) 17:47, January 16, 2013 (UTC)
Here's a list of items I would put in my earlier suggested idea:                                                                   Shadow, Amethyst, Cobalt and Crimson Armor and Scales (others would be added for events)                         Armor chests and Arks                                                                                                                                 Ancestral Seal Portfolio                                                                                                                           ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 11:54, February 3, 2013 (UTC)
I think the vault should be three days in a row, because I am constantly missing vault inclusions, and the people who have a medallion usauly dont get anything good. I'm on everyday at some point or another, and it takes to long to wait for the medallions. --Pendragon

Improving TradeEdit

I think you should be able to sell items you don't use. Like say if you had a nano you could sell it for gold/rubies. I have an inventory of items ill never use so why cant you sell it on trade. Trade means you can trade ANYTHING. RIGHT? If it doesn,t the trade in doa should be called resource shop. XxTOBYxx 21:15, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

Or at least marketplace, the only 'trade' is between resources and gold right now. At least make it so you can do resources for resources. 00:00, February 24, 2012 (UTC)
Also, adding the ability to make offers/requests in the trade menu, as opposed to counting on someone in WC to be available at the right time to see, respond, and have the necessary resources needed to fill your request. 02:05, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

Trade has become a waste of a tab... It's barely used and has little point any way as resources are easy to come by. I like this idea of adding unused items to trade as I being a bigger player have no use of curses, nano's truces and the like, where a smaller player would. Dragons has become too one sided in who can grow and who can not......I think it's time to help the little guys again.....or has Kabam forgotten where they started? Mysterio xXx .

It would be nice if we could have it set out so that you say what you need, and what you want to in return, or have it open so people can offer whatever they have and the first person can decide which one to go for. Scrap the seller's fee. If not the above then at least a gold cap on resources (15 maybe?) so people wont keep asking for stupid amounts, for example: Food, 500K, 1K EACH, sold by akj. Nobody will pay that. There's also someone selling 3 batches of 5K of Food for 700G EACH. They obviously expect someone to buy it. Also I agree with the item trading. As we're getting so many items that we aren't going to use we should be able to return them for Gold/Rubies. Niernen 15:25, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
You can't get rubies from Anthropus Camps. Just items. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 18:17, January 12, 2013 (UTC)
I agree with Toby. Upgrade the trade post for Items we may personally never use. I have loads. I disagree with Niernen. A Seller's Fee is unique to the concept of trade. This isn't the Westwards franchise. I personally want DofA to evolve with intricacy not complexity or stupidity. The ruby grievance we have will never become satisfactory to the whole of us gamers useless two things happen: 1. Kabam gets a new, compassionate, gamer-friendly CEO, Director of Marketing, or whatever the title may be for the person with the ultimate authority to redefine the ruby system, or 2. DofA gamers form an effective, thorough, and logical campaign capable of snatching Kabam's attention to address our annoyance with the high-priced ruby offers. But the trade post need improvements--its lame & kiddie level.
Romallus X (talk) 20:20, May 29, 2013 (UTC)


Perhaps make a Completion Grant a (very low %) drop on high level (9 & 10) camps. Keep them very hard to get, but even aquireable by non-paying players and without the grace of Fortuna. 22:00, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

I agree that the CG should be a drop from wilds but for like 1-5 wilds make it like 5 percent and for 5-7 wilds make it 10 percent and for 7-10 make it 15 percent. This would keep it fair to the new players and to the old, it would also add a reason to farm wilds becuase as of now there only used for eggs and dragon armour and the occasional special item to make troops with.Or perhaps for another option make it a random drop from wilds like all the armour but do not make it so its only obtainable thru dragon attack. Themasterofw 16:40, April 12, 2012
I think a 2% drop chance in camps, 1% in wilds, increasable to a maximum of 14% and 8% through research would be a good deal. Still very hard to get, but a little easier. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 18:18, January 12, 2013 (UTC)
I would like to see a popup warning message before upgrading anything that requires a CG or Ancestral Seal so that we do not waste them on an unnecessary upgrade. I've been upgrading silos instead of the "Collect All" option. Same with Training Camps. There should be an alert that tells us we're about to spend one of them.
I think AS should have a ten percent drop rate in lvl 11 camps, and 1 percent in lvl10 wilds. --Pendragon

Racial AttributesEdit

By Axxonn: Why not make it so each Race has a special Attribute that makes the game more diverse? For example Zolmec have 10% stronger Dragons & non-humanoid Troops, Primus have an extra research level and/or more efficient Blue Energy,Amazons Have Strategy, as in 1-5% bonus to all stats for every troop type in the march, Solerians have Efficiency,a bonus to mechanical troops, and possibly Ruthlessness,a 10% increase to attack and/or defense when attacking. In fact, why not make a special unit for each race?

Roarmulus: I think your idea is an excellent one except I must disagee with your proposition of a unique unit, namely, that it is singular. DOA works by a papper, sissors, rock method where range beats melee which beats speed which beats range. If each race had a particular unit which had one of these attributes, being a range, melee or speed unit, it would stand to reason that to keep diversity each race would have a different type. However, it would severely effect gameplay in a negative way if each race had a weakness to another race, and a strength against another race. Battles would be determined by the races fighting and not the usual logistics that makes DOA fights fun, like unit disposition, ratios and power. Other than that, i think your idea is exactly what DOA needs to see. 
Anon: Solerians are "The Greatest builders of Atlantis" so I think Solorian's Racial Bonus Attributes should have  10% Decrease in Building times. Other than that, it think it's great idea. 
Coaran: The unique troops could work, they would have to be the same type of unit with similar stats, but each one getting a bonus against one of the other race's unique unit, e.g. the Primus unit is better against Amazon, neutral vs Solerian and the Zolmec is better than it.
Four tribes repres
Reksi: What about something as simple as having each race start with one ED egg (each of a different type)? That way, the way you develop your outposts is somewhat determined by your race, but the diversity isn't enough to affect battle too much?

Random ThoughtsEdit

I read the forums and stuff a lot and I get a lot of random ideas about how this game should be... here's the list that will be updated when I think about it. LurkersRus 07:16, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

  • Modify game so that players do not lose power when they lose troops. Being top person in the realm being dropped to 1k power is like a kick in the face for people that actually pay to get that massive power. And having that top person gives people something to compete with so they continuously try to top that person.
  • Make it so you can set a battle surrender rate. Like you can set the troops to automatically stop the battle and surrender if you lose say 50% of the power of the troops you sent. Not just only 100% like we do now. This can be for both the atacker and defender.
  • Make fields useful by fixing the population situation that makes them unusable: "Recruit" captured anthropus to work on your fields freeing up some of that population living in your houses. If someone attacks you, you loses X percentage of your "recruited" anthropus. Giving people a reason to build fields and attack each other all in one go. Recruits could be like talisman... 1 per 500 killed. As you get bigger it won't matter as much, but it gives the game 1 more appealing aspect. Population issues have been fixed with newer OPs giving more population so if you chose to build fields, it doesn't hurt your troop production as bad.
  • Introduce a resource converter like there is in Edgeworld... and get rid of the trade. But make a research which increases the unit rate. For example lets say with level 1 of that research you lose 90% of the resources you convert. EG. Let's say you convert stone to food. With level 1 research, converting 1M stone would give you 100K food. But with level 10 of that research convertin 1M stone will give you 1M food.
  • Quests: These should ALL be changed to fit player needs. Clearly they have not been adjusted since Day 1 or else there is no excuse for how terrible they are. Things I suggested above such as rewarding CGs instead of all the junk resources for example. As well as:
    • Quests and rewards should be fitting to the person's game level. For example, level 1 would be helped most by resources. But level 20 (5mil) would be better rewarded with 5k OP troop items (respirators, ect...) or CGs.
    • Quests should not be presented until you reach the particular level that it applies to. This would give people things to work towards as they are playing in between attacks... down time.
    • They should also be achievable,, some of the quests are not and this is discouraging.
    • There should be quests for training 100 of X troop, 1000 X troop, 10000 and so forth and the rewards fitting to the achievement. So the rewards for 100 troops would NOT be the same as for 100k troops.
  • Titles are also outdated. There are too many of them and they are not well spaced. For example 1 person should not be able to go up 10 titles in 1 week and then not get another for 2 months. This is discouraging. Instead, 1 for beginner, next at 100k, 500k, 1mil, 5mil, and so forth... That idea doesn't work because in Kabam's titles you earn the next title by doubling the current power. Here you need to 5x, then 2x then 5x etc. One for beginner (1 power) and then another for 100,000 power. The next title you need to earn 120,000 power to get, so you would be 220,000 power. The next title is you need to earn 140,000 power, so you would have a total of 360,000 power. Etc, etc. There aren't too many of them. However, the rewards for title quests have to be better. IDK the increments but there should only be 10 tops otherwise no one actually uses the Titles. I honestly don't remember any of them or the power requirements. It says in the Dragonomicon: Book of Power.
  • Battle mechanics should be adjusted so that either defenders have initiative no way, remember that there is a limit to the attackers' numbers and not the defenders' numbers. If defenders moved first, even, let's say, 200K GO's (since they had the most life) can't take the damage dealt by the defenders moving first and subsequently get destroyed before they can even attack... so the defenders would be invincible since they keep wiping out the attackers before the attackers get a turn. 'or the wall is accounted for in the very 1st round. Not just adding to the defense, but also slowing the attackers troops down or spreading them out. Attacker's troops are already spreading out because of the differences in speed. That's why attackers can use speed bumps. 'Make wall defenses like in KoC. IDK, something needs to make the wall useful.
  • The level of Sentinel information should be something like level 1 shows troops that will hit within 5 mins, level 2 shows 10 mins, 3 shows 15... up to level 10 shows everything from the start. This adds some tactic to the game. People can get sneaky and plan group attacks.
  • Outpost should be able to send attacks, opening up new battle tactics and new sources to farm from. And treat outposts like individual cities. Population is not shared, resources are not shared, get rid of silos, etc. This would encourage players to spread the OPs apart to cover more ground. And also, you can't have OPs and the city apart like the OP is at the other side of the world. Because you still need to send troops and res to the OP. Another good thing will be to make it so reinforcements don't automatically defend and they can be sent on attacks. If you reinforce someone, you lose power. The other person gains power. When you reinforce your OPs those troops don't automatically defend, however the food rates in both cities will change. There is no pwer change. So get rid of silos.
  • Buildings could be disintegrated by using the player's own troops rather than Nullifiers. Like sacrificing them for the good of the city haha. Just make it so that when you demolish a building, you don't need any items but you will get 20% of the buidings' spent resources back. However, the demolish process will take some time during which you cannot build or demolish other buildings. Disintegration, however, will not give back any resources but takes a mass nulifier. It doesn't need any time.

New WildernessEdit

Maybe add a Wild that increase storage capacity in City, or SR. So Wraith won't need to lvl 10 to summon. If not then maybe add a research for capacity. -Cheyenne Wyoming

Maybe a volcano wilderness, and move the fire dragon egg and armour there. --Pendragon

New Dragon IdeasEdit

New dragon by PannekoekBorsboom/Vuurhart in vijverberg 04/04/2012 20:49; Are you making a new dragon already? I know you guys have a lot of fantasy, but id like to tell you my idea. I thought to make an alien dragon in a strange collor with blades on its head en with more eyes then usual dragons but with wings and claws so you can still see its a dragon. And i also thought it should be hard to get, i mean like some wilderness change in to a UFO landingspot for a day or something and then you have to send a lot of elite troops and a dragon to hope and find the aliendragonegg. I mean a dragon thats a challenge and that has a special power like its adapteble to any troop or something. I hope you like the idea or that you come up with an other great dragon! I <3 DoA

EDIT by Bill C.: I think there should be a "click this button to see the fight" on every battle report. The battle scene doesn't show immediately when your attack strikes, but you can view the fight later by clicking the button. This will help everyone understand battle mechs a lot better.
I agree with both the first one and Bill.--------------------------WraithDragonTamer54
I disagree. Most dragons and their armor are hard enough to find already. But a dragon that looks strange is something I would like. Perhaps a dragon with two sets of wings and no legs?
Oh, and a "see battle" button would be great. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk)
I think a great idea would be to make a feathered dragon. We have serpants, we have scaled dragons, and hairy dragons, yet i have not seen anything with feathers. I would like to see a feathered dragon, or possibly since the serpant isnt a dragon we could have a new outpost be some kinda of DOA phoenix type creature? let me know what you think. possibly expand on the idea.. -Le Grande Baltimore
shilo's ideas of scales and armors
i have some new scales and armor ideas
ice scales: melting like scales with - to defence and + to speed and ranged attack.
chrono scales and armor: steampunk style with +to defence and melee.
helio armor: sandstorm + speed and range.
kaiser armor, royal: its blue with a golden crown on the chest - health +defence melee and ranged attack.
wind armor, cloud: cloud armor+ load and health. stormcloud: (armor) like the cloud but storm cloud + to ranged and melee.
amber crest, armor and scales darkwood/burnt wood - life + defence and melee.

New NPC TroopEdit

How about making the anthropus playable with a race called Savagery:10-30% to damage done, and 10-30% damage taken. Also add NPC Atlanteans to balance with Anthropus camps. What do you say?

Mobile AppEdit

Kabam really needs to make a mobile app, i cant ever really play cause im busy and cant usally get on a computer but i can get on a mobile device, i've aske other DoA players and they say the samething, they would be able to play more if there were a moble app, just a really good idea

THIS. A mobile app would open the game to larger community, specifically, people in your situation. More people could play and would find the game.

Speed Power-upEdit

There are items to increase attack and defense. Why not one to increase marching speed? Like a 12- or 24-hour boost to marching speeds.LurkersRus (talk) 00:17, December 15, 2012 (UTC)

Chat OptionsEdit

I bet you all know what the problem is and what my suggestion would be. For those who don't- try opening world chat and start scrolling down as if you want to read some comment you've missed. You will very soon notice what's the problem- every time a person adds a comment to the world chat while you are reading something said before, the whole world chat moves UP, making it very hard and irritating to read the world chat's history... My suggestion is to change the 'chat behavior', making it work as Skype's chat, or Facebook's- as soon as u scroll back to read something, it stays there, even if people keep on chatting. I would LOVE to see this improvement...Rami1994 12:33, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

Confusing GameEdit

Does anyone think this outpost system has become very confusing? What I think should happen (in the new realms) is that ALL the outposts are built in plains. And all the relics are with a great or elemental dragon. You get eggs/armour by hitting level 7+ of the corresponding wilderness. Problem solved.

It's called "diversity." Your version simplifies the chase but eliminates the challenge? Your version also evens the playing field among players. However, that version is antithesis to the basic concept of competition. If your version was implemented there would be no "few" top dominant players in each realm, but rather hordes of elite players. You also propose a that a "ice mountain" be built on a flat, desert plain. Not practical, like a "water" or "stone" outpost. Romallus X (talk) 23:54, May 30, 2013 (UTC)
Another good upgrade would be to incorporate a "light/dark" system: all the outposts and elites under the Spectral branch are "dark" troops. All the troops should need gold and blue energy to be trained. KaBAM should create a new outpost branch in game, and a new resource like blue energy that is needed to train the corresponding elites. Light troops have an advantage over dark troops (100% higher attack when targeting darks) and dark troops have an advantage over regular troops (100% higher attack when targeting regulars.) Regular troops have an advantage over light troops. (100% higher attack when targeting lights.)

New dragons and OP'sEdit

Everyone who wants some new dragons and troops just to write in that forum and give new ideas. And Kabam, please read the forums. user : Grizlito97

Please dont bring out the any new traing itrms. the thing which you have done for sand striders are good. if any new op is comming, make it to be useful for the unused troops such as porters and conscripts, and minos...\ better to increase wraith capicity to lvl 11 make people to get cgs easily atleast in competations.. and it wold be good if we know about the upcoming contests... new dragon should have some speciality as the amber dragon. why dont you keep a op with high training speed... 18:14, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
Add the Woolly Dragon and a new OP ang give it special powers or something.
This is wikia not DoA.-----WraithDragonTamer54

A Delete Button for Spy ReportsEdit

Something as simple as a delete button when you get your spy report should be placed in the bottom of the report.

I agree. Clicking out, selecting the report, and clicking the delete button is silly when you don't have to do that with Battle Reports. Romallus X (talk) 20:01, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Way to Combine Items to make New Better ItemsEdit

Something like alchemical chest or a new research to convert 5 Completition Grants into an Ancestral Seal or combine items to produce superitems.

Well,kabam created this voting poll.One of the added ideas to make is to combine some items ito turn them into something useful.Though I doubt they will make this,since the capture and use abandoned cities has the most votes.--------WraithDragonTamer54
i have been interested with an idea pop out of my head.totally agreed with combining item subject and here i suggest Kabam at an outpost that people can recycle unused or crap items got from fortuna.ex:recycle 5 items from fortuna Chance and u get 1 fortuna ticket or recycle 5 items from fortuna vault and get 1 chance for fortuna vault.---beardFox87

Helio DragonEdit

I think the helio dragon needs to have a LOT of improving.I mean it stats at level 10 are like a GD's stats at level 9.Plus the drop rate should be increased----------------------------WraithDragonTamer54

I agree, about the stats at least. If you're going to make this dragon hard to find, at least make it worth it! ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 18:10, January 12, 2013 (UTC)
Yeah just wanted to say that its chances of dropping are like 1% maybe making it like 10 to 20%.Both hard enough to find and worth it.---------------WraithDragonTamer54
Perhaps increasing it's melee, speed or even both to cancel out it's lower range. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 11:58, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Thunder DoomEdit

I think there should be a dragon named Thunder Doom,with like 1 million life and other good stats,compatible with every troop and that has a special ability when attacking other players it is enhanced and will attack nearby dragons and troops with a massive thunder storm with massive power.Anybody think so?---------------------WraithDragonTamer54

I would like a special dragon and outpost that's only available if you've upgraded every dragon to level 8+. Level 9 and ten would only be available if you've upgraded all of your dragons to level 9 and 10 respectively. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 12:00, February 3, 2013 (UTC)
I guess we got what we asked for (considering the cloud motief, very close to what we asked for) with the Kaiser Dragon. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 15:57, March 6, 2013 (UTC)
I agree. That kind of ties in my idea for a "Hurricane Outpost." We should be able to train LCs and SDs in it. 23:08, June 29, 2013 (UTC)


I think a research which increases the amount and the chance that you find "valuable" items in Fortuna, like Completion Grants and Ancestral Seals. Level 10 would even give a chance that you find an Ancestral Seal in Fortuna's Chance. I would call such a research "Fortuna Offerings". ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 18:59, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

Here's a full list of the effects at each level. Each level also reduces the chance of getting curses and resource packs by 5%:
Level 1: Allows for one more troop training stack in Fortuna's Chance.
Level 2: Allows for one more Testronius Powder in Fortuna's Chance (the selection screen).
Level 3:  Adds Blue Energy and Anthropus Talisman stacks to Fortuna's Chance.
Level 4:  Use 500k gold as 1 ruby
Level 5: Adds Fortuna's Meddailion (one per "screen") to Fortuna's Chance.
Level 6: Adds Nomadic Recruits to Fortuna's Chance.
Level 7: Allows Kaiser dragon to go in 'Super Form' (Adds 2000% of all its stats) for 70,000 blue energy and 2k gold for 24 hours
Level 8: Allows for two Fortuna's Chance Chests instead of one in Fortuna's Chance.
Level 9: Allows for two Completion Grants instead of one in Fortuna's Chance.
Level 10: Allows for one Ancestral Seal in Fortuna's Chance.
Level 11: Allows for one Completion Portfolio in Fortuna's Vault. Also gives a rare chance of finding Fortuna's Medaillions in level 11 Anthropus Camps.
Level 12: The ultimate Fortuna upgrade. Makes special Dragon Armors and Scales permanently available in Fortuna's Vault.
Level 13: Makes your city, and outpost inmune to wraith dragon attacks
Level 14: 
ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 14:04, February 16, 2013 (UTC)
I think the descrpion shall be: Allo
Study blue energy and Control its power of Mind control and allow boost to your dragons and defence against dragons and gain more from Fortuna

Improvements to how the limited training troops are doneEdit

I sugest having those limited time troops last 24 hrs, but have a way so it's somewhat more random, as well as a new research tree.  the way I sugest it to would work is the system would first require a level 10 garrison in the city and/or lvl 10 training camp in the Crono op.  To start with each special unit type plus 30 "none" would be in a sort of database, each given 1 point. (points are how many chances the player has to get the item).  There would be a 24 hour timer involved with this system.  When a player loads/refreshes the game window or clicks an option on the fortuna window, it'd pick one of the unit types to be trainable (as an item) or one of the "none's", advance each item's points by 1, and set the points for the item won (even if it's one of the none's) to 0, and start the 24 hr timer.  The research tree associated with this system is each level researched would eliminate 3 of the "nones" from the database, but there will always be at least 3.  Given as an item, would allow the game mechanics to allow fortuna infusions that also contain these items (even ones that last up to 7 days) to train these troops, or even being made available as a shop item from time to time, and a player can let them build up if they do not wish to train any at a given point in time if they wish to focus on the other units.  Another event this could open up is something like a "lightning cannon dash" where clicking the link in the message, that player would gain 30 points to their chance of getting a lightning cannon to increase the odds of getting that troop item. WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Field structure option to toggle it's use on/offEdit

One feature i'd love to see would be allowing players to turn on/off the various field structures (including blue energy structures in the spectral op).  If a player turns off the structure, the population used to operate the structure would become available as idle population, and the structure would not generate it's resource until reactivated.  in the city and spectral, turning off a structure would not lower the given resource capacity but it would reduce that resource generation rate.  Only requirement to turn a structure back on is enough idle population to operate the structure.  Currently the system for how field structures are done is very unbalanced.  Most experianced players tell new members not to put anything in the fields cause it eats up the idle population and res is faster gained by farming.  This would encourage developing the fields since they can be turned on and off. WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

I think the entire point is that you can choose between idle population to train troops and the power gained by building the fields (and for those who rarely attack, resources). ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 21:29, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Removing structures without mass nulifierEdit

A feature that would be useful especially for mistakes is a feature that would let a player -eventually- remove structures.  like other similar games, if no nullifier is used you have to go through steps to unbuild each level, with each downbuild taking equal or more time than it was to gain that level. (say each downgrade would take 125% what the current level takes to build) WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Warrior Revival for Anthropus Camps and WildsEdit

Sometimes players do make mistakes when attacking the Anthropus Camps and Wilds.  I think it would be more than fair if the Warrior Revival was tweaked to include attacking these, and would make more sense since in the DoA world since it's a players unit that was initially lost.  As with how it is now, if the spectral is full no souls would be recoverable. WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

sugested change for spectral ruins/wraith use and blue energy handlingEdit

a way to cut way down on the abuse of individuals who gain unrealistic ammounts of blue energy, as well as allow a fair way of allowing either blue energy gained, blue energy trading, or even making blue energy gainable from wilds, plus a new research tree, is every time you click the summon button on the wraith, there would be a timer before being able to summon another wraith.  The research tree for this would speed up the spectral dragons keep time requirement before summoning the next wraith.  This timer would start when the summon button is clicked, making it still possible to summon and use the wriath twice in a row if the player already had a wraith summoned (as is possible now).  To make it fair on gaining blue energy from camps, it could be made only acquired if a dragon is included in the march but not require any load to get the blue energy available in the given camp.  (it would make sense for blue energy being unavailable in wilds, since a power station is usually in a city or structure) WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Direct Resource SalesEdit

Making it possible to sell/send resources to a non-alliance member would be very useful.  For this system to work it would require another type of trade window.  the seller would have to choose the purchaser from either world chat, or clicking on their city, select the porters/transports/packs up to their march limitation, then the resources being sold except gold, and the price associated.  The seller would have the option of determining if he or the purchaser covers the merchants fee (this would allow someone to help a new player not in their alliance by covering the merchant fees and even selling the res at 1 gold if they wish). The screen would inform the march time to send this player the resources,  and await for the seller to confirm it.  On confirmation the resources, and transport units, would be locked until accepted or canceled, and wait for the purchaser to accept or deny it.  The purchaser would have to be informed the to accept the direct trade in their window to receive the resources (this would prevent constant sale offer pop-ups).  The purchaser side would see the resources offered, the time to receive the resources (but not the sellers coordinates), and the price, a tax, and a merchants fee if applicable.  In this system, the merchants fee would be determined by distance and quantity sent.  And to prevent this system from being abused, if the city is attacked before the buyer approves the order it will be canceled out so the resources are available to be pillaged within the city. 2 research tree's would become available.  1) a tree that controlls how many direct trades a player can do at once. 2) a research tree that will reduce the merchants fee to a point that is charged.  As for recieving resources in this fasion, any player can recieve 1 order without researching this tree, but researching, like with selling in this fashion, will increase how many orders they can have coming at once. (this would prevent someone having an unrealistic number of shipments coming in at once but they can have multiple offers waiting for approval) WolfWaYa (talk) 13:46, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Suggestion for handling idlesEdit

I looked through the forum and seen a lot of feeds asking to get rid of idle account or ways of handling them.  I don't think simply removing them is the best way of handling them, and leaving them does cause realms to become more and more inactive.  Here is my suggested solution for handling idles and may even help speed up creating an account on established realms.  For this to work what is considered an idle account would have to be defined.  I'd suggest any city within a realm that has not been logged into for at least a month.

first off, when a realm is created, make a database that keeps track of each starting point for a new city all in random locations. Then as a realm fills up, each city will be associated with a starting point.  this will make it faster to find a starting point for a new city as the realm fills up

When someone warps their city to a new swamp, the location of the starting point will change in this database.

When each starting point is filled and no-one has been idle for over a month, the realm will be considered "full"

When there are cities that have been inactive for over a month, the realm would be considered "open".  In these cases when a new player wishes to join the realm, the city and all it's outposts associated with the idle city will be kept in a database with the basic city information in case that player wishes to come back if the realm is "open" at a future date.  Then the new player's city will occupy the swamp that originally held the inactive player.

If a player who has been removed from the map for inactivity is to return, their city will will replace the most inactive city presant, furthermore the returning player will have to re-capture planes to return their outposts to the map (and will not have access to these outposts for upgrades/training until they are returned to the map)

The reason for this sugestion is to address inactives making a realm less and less active, plus leaving enough abandoned cities for small players to farm, or if they ever allow capture of these inactive cities in the future. (base info on captured cities should also go to this database in case that player is ever to return if that feature is ever created) WolfWaYa (talk) 08:49, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Pretty good. I'd change the period of inactivity to four months though, so people won't dissapear if they're just away on vacation for a while. ThePurpleDragonNinja (talk) 21:20, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
I'd change the period of inactivity to two or three years. Some people don't play for a few years, and then they come back to the game again.

Anthropus Talisman for tradeEdit

well I guess that anthropus talismans on trade would be good but for that:

  • Armored great or Armored elemental dragon required
  • GD or ED should bee LVL 8+ 

​So that's my idea

dragonking56 march 1st 2013

Multiple Constructions/ResearchesEdit

It seems to me that there should be a way of increasing the number of constructions and researches we can do at one time. Similarly to the garrisons (which increase number of troops which can be queued for training), I think we should be able to build more science centers, so as to queue researches. In a slightly different way, perhaps higher levels (10+) of Levitation research should give us more construction "slots" so that we can queue construction upgrades as well. Or, construction could be made equal to research and training in terms of method, and there could be a "City Planning" building or something which would control construction rates. If you built more "City Planning" buildings, you could have multiple "constructions" in your queue.

This would tie in nicely with the oft-suggested idea of making demolishing possible without rubies. The City Planning building, as it is uprgraded, can increase the speed of constructions, as well as the speed of demolishes. More City Planning buildings means a longer construction queue. Demolishes would take the same amount of time as constructions, but would only return 5% of materials used on the building. There could be a research added which would increase the percents of materials returned on a demolish. Also, mass nullifiers would still be profitable because they would take no time and return 100% of materials, thus having an advantage over regular demolishing.

What do you think of these ideas? Other ideas to add? Problems with these?

Reksi 03/17/13


Lets make a dragon called the spy dragon and can be bred by-

  • stone dragon-Great dragon
  • water dragon-phychic dragon
  • kaiser dragon-wraith dragon

This dragon can have any special abilities that has something to do with spying, CAN spy itself, and gives spies +150 more attack if sent with them. Also, if you have the dragon's OP (Spy OP) You can get a research called ultra-clairvoyance that lvl 1 is like lvl 10 normal clairvoyance.

It's elite troop is the ultra-spy, which is a spy that has more high-tech weapons and stuff. Requirements for ultra-spies

  • clairvoyance lvl 10
  • ultra-clairvoyance lvl 3
  • 1 knife of Hermes (greek god of thieves)
  • lvl 7 Rapid deployment
  • lvl 10 TC in Spy OP
  • 3.6k everything

Feel free to add anything! -Gladiator146

Sorry to dissapoint you but this Wiki is not run by KABAM (makers of the game) and I doubt they look at it, so if you want this idea to be released, contact them through the Official Forums. JJS 12 (talk) 07:58, May 31, 2013 (UTC)

Make LCs & SDs trainable in new OPEdit

I personally think that there are far too many "Limited" elites. I think there should be a new OP, such as the Hurricane OP or the Storm OP where it is possible to train LCs and SDs, also a new Dragon, such as the Hurricane Dragon, with a lot of speed.

  • It would require the Solarian Highlands to be built.
  • It would be a fairly rare drop
  • It would not require any special substance to be built
  • It would be found in lakes
  • Average elite requirements for the troops
  • Training time boost which affects all OP's and the city.

Stephan222 (talk)

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