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Rap Each upgrade increases all Troops' marching speed by 5%

Rapid Deployment is a Research that can be studied with Science Centers (minimum SC level:4)

It increases marching speed by 5% every level.

Levels Research Times Cost Requirements
1 29m 36s 600 Food; 3,000 Gold Level 4 SC
2 59m 56s 1,200 Food; 6,000 Gold Level 4 SC
3 2hr 1m 22s 2,400 Food; 12,000 Gold Level 4 SC
4 4h 5m 47s 4,800 Food; 24,000 Gold Level 4 SC
5 8h 17m 43s 9,600 Food; 48,000 Gold Level 5 SC
6 16h 47m 53s 19,200 Food; 96,000 Gold Level 6 SC
7 1d 10h 0m 59s 38,400 Food; 192, 000 Gold Level 7 SC
8 2d 20h 53m 0s 76,800 Food; 384,000 Gold Level 8 SC
9 5d 19h 29m 21s 153,600 Food; 768,000 Gold Level 9 SC
10 5d 5h 45m 56s 307,200 Food; 1,536,000 Gold Level 10 SC
11 5d 5h 56m 16s 307,200 Food; 1,536,000 Gold Level 13 SC

Calculating troop march time using RD research levels:


where S is march time in seconds, D is distance in map grid squares, B is troop base speed and RD is Rapid Deployment research level.

This equation isn't a perfect fit, but it is accurate for distances greater than 10 squares for the fastest troop (Stalkers), and well within 1/10th of one percent for the slowest troop (Titans). Using this equation for Titans over the farthest possible distance, D=530.33, there is a discrepancy of -11.5 seconds over 8h 25m 35s. All of the data points I used to derive this equation are from RD 11, and it is uncertain whether it holds up using different research levels.

To calculate SSD and BD march times as they are affected by both RD and Dragonry research levels, use the same equation, but replace




where Dy is the Dragonry level.

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