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Troops: Sand Strider

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Troops: Sand Strider
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 600 (750 against Dark Slayer)
Range: 1200
Ranged Attack: 400
Defense: 600
Life: 2000
Speed: 1000
Load: 200
Power: 10
Upkeep: 35

"Sand Striders are troops given additional power and training by the nomads of the highlands. These riders are the ultimate fast attack forces with capabilities to counter long and short range foes."

The Sand Strider is an elite troop that can only be trained in the Solarian Highlands Outpost.

This beast is a Swift Strike Dragon modified by power of Anthropus Talismans and Blue Energy and controlled by a Halberdsman. Sand Striders are troops given additional power and training by the nomads of the Highlands. These riders were the ultimate fast attack forces, with capabilities to counter long and short range foes. Melee +25% against Dark Slayers.

Sand Striders are a speed melee troop when attacking, and a ranged troop when defending.

The Nomads can focus the talents of unique troops in order to create new combination. The Sand Striders are both fast and agile, allowing them to strike a multitude of targets on a battlefield, near or far. Because of their great range they have the capability to quickly attack both long and short range units. Your Halberdsmen will be trained as mounted riders of the desert and the Swift Strike Dragons will be used as the mount for the halberdsman.

These troops do not require any special troop item (see the Note) to be produced, only quantities of Blue Energy, Anthropus Talismans, 1 Halberdsmen and 1 Swift Strike Dragon for every Sand Strider.

Note that Anthropus Talisman is considered as the special troop item for Sand Strider: in reduced training requirement events, Sand Strider doesn't need any Anthropus Talisman. Blue Energy is considered as normal resource and is as other resources ten times less, passing from 75 to 8.

Sand Striders are compatible with all Great and Elemental Dragons. Report loss if you see some.

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Sand striders proved to be twice better than banshees on camps
  • Sstcamp09.jpeg
  • Great Dragon lvl 11 has a speed equal to the Sand Strider and are compatible, so they create good combination with high speed.
  • Strider Level 7 WildGo to 1K Striders on Wild

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