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The Skythrone is a new type of settlement available to your empire. It cannot produce resources like other Outposts; however, it can be used to raise a new dragon unlike any you have yet to encounter.

The Kaiser Dragon is unique in the way it communes with its caretakers and surroundings. By using rare Dragon Key items to upgrade the buildings within the Skythrone, each level will grant the Kaiser Dragon power beyond its potential. Acquire a Kaiser Dragon Egg, and settle your keep within the clouds.

This Outpost's Dragon Keep can currently be upgraded to level ten.

The Kaiser dragon egg and armor can both be found on Anthropus Camps of level 7+.

Keys have been found in camps 9+ and come from camps as low as 7.

Kaiser Dragon

Kaiser Dragon Rose to full size

Requirements to Build:

The Kaiser Dragon is unique, as you can customize it's stats by upgrading buildings. Therefore, you can max out all the stats or pick attributes you prefer your Dragons to have.

For more information about this Dragon, please visit the link above.

You can't build any Buildings such as Garrisons and Training Camps, so you can't train any troops within the walls of the Skythrone Outpost.

The Fields view holds 5 buildings that are used to upgrade your Dragon's stats.

Each of the 5 buildings represent one of the 5 stats of the Kaiser Dragon: Life, Ranged Attack, Speed, Melee Attack, and Defense. By upgrading the corresponding building, you are able to customize your Kaiser Dragon.

  • The Library: Increases Speed 10 for levels 1-2, and then 10 x (Level - 1).
  • The Academy: Increases Ranged Attack 20k for levels 1-3, 50k for levels 4-6, 150k for 7-9, and 250k for level 10.
  • The Cathedral: Increases Defense 20k for levels 1-3, 50k for levels 4-6, 150k for 7-9, and 250k for level 10.
  • The Greenhouse: Increases Life by 20k x (Level of Greenhouse) for levels 1-6, by 196k x 1.5(Level of Greenhouse - 7) for levels 7-8, then 410k for level 9 and 624k for level 10.
  • The Forge: Increases Melee Attack 20k for levels 1-3, 50k for levels 4-6, 150k for 7-9, and 250k for level 10.

Upgrades are only possible with the use of special Dragon Keys (Levels 1-6), Master Dragon Keys (Levels 7-10) that are available through events. Now Sovereign Dragon Keys, to upgrade buildings to Level 11 are also available through events. Dragons Keys can be obtain from Kaiser Key Chest in Fortuna Chance, all 3 keys are in that chest but Masters and Sovereign Key has lower chances of coming out of the chest.


This Outpost is involved in several quests.

Quest Name Task to Complete Rewards
City In The Clouds Build your Skythrone Outpost 80k Food, 80k Stone, 80k Lumber, 80k Metals, 3 Dragon Keys
Kaiser Wave Send an attack with your Kaiser Dragon. 1 Skip, 5k Power, 50k Gold
Help The Kaiser Dragon Perform 1 attribute building Upgrade. 50k Food, 50k Stone, 50k Lumber, 50k Metals, 1 Trance March Drops
Improve the Kaiser Dragon Perform 5 attribute building Upgrade. 1 Jump, 80k Stone, 80k Lumber, 80k Metal, 80k Food
Strengthen the Kaiser Dragon Perform 10 attribute building Upgrade. 1 Leap, 1 Fortuna Gift, 100k Stone, 100k Metal, 100k Lumber, 100k food
Master the Kaiser Dragon Perform 25 attribute building Upgrade. 1 Master Dragon Key, 250k Stone, 250k Metal, 250k Lumber, 250k Food
Perfect the Kaiser Dragon Perform 50 attribute building upgrades 1 Bounce, 5 million Food, Stone, Metal, Lumber, Fortuna's Medallion Chest, Elite Troop Bin

Building UpgradesEdit

Building Effects

Level Forge
1 +20,000 +20,000 +20,000 +20,000 +10
2 +20,000 +20,000 +20,000 +40,000 +20
3 +20,000 +20,000 +20,000 +60,000 +20
4 +50,000 +50,000 +50,000 +80,000 +30
5 +50,000 +50,000 +50,000 +100,000 +40
6 +50,000 +50,000 +50,000 +120,000 +60
7 +150,000 +150,000 +150,000 +196,000 +90
8 +150,000 +150,000 +150,000 +294,000 +125
9 +150,000 +150,000 +150,000 +410,000 +200
10 +250,000 +250,000 +250,000 +624,000 +275
11 +300,000 +300,000 +300,000 +936,000 +350
12 +400,000 +1,404,000 +450
13 +400,000 +2,106,000 +550
14 +400,000 +650
15 +500,000 750

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