As you become a powerful player,you will need to protect your surplus resources.However,a Storage Vault only guarantees a maximum amount of 65 mil of each resource and 5 mil gold.This guide will teach you how to protect your surplus resources.

What do you need?Edit

  • Spectral Ruins.
  • A huge amount of Porter/Armored Transport/Pack Dragon.
  • An Alliance.
  • A lot of surplus resources.
  • (Optional but recommended) Spectral Ruins near to your city.

How to do it?Edit

  1. Bookmark your Spectral Ruins if its far from your city.
  2. Open up your alliance tab and click on any of your alliance members name.It will direct you to his/her map location.
  3. Click on his/her city and click 'send resources'.
  4. Choose the amount of Porter/Armored Transport/Pack Dragon and the amount of resources.
  5. If you can remember your  Spectral Ruins coordinates,type it in the boxes below resources.If not,bookmark your Spectral Ruins and click bookmarked locations and select it.
  6. Now click 'Transfer'.
  7. Should you want your resources back,click 'attack' below messages and click 'transport: X' then click 'recall'.
  8. You can use this method in case you're being Wraithed or attacked and you do not have enough troops to defend.Once you feel the threat is gone,recall your troops.

Training Troops with high food consumptionEdit

  1. Send your Amber Crest Dragon to get 10 million food.(attack lv.1 Lakes and Savannas)
  2. Quickly send all of it to your Spectral Outpost.
  3. Now you can simply recall your troops when you want to.

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