Acquire a Steelshard Dragon Egg

Long ago, the Steelshard Caverns were sealed away far beneath Atlantis by unknown powers. Their reasons, like the caverns themselves, were lost to time. Only those few brave enough to venture deep below the surface remember these places, and even then only speak of them in whispered myths.

But in Atlantis, nothing stays secret forever. Now these powerful caverns and the mighty dragon that lives within have been discovered once more!


Steelshard Caverns

The Cavern is also home to a new troop -- the Steelshard Harriers. They gain power from the rare element “Coldsteel” that gives these caverns their name. Using Coldsteel to upgrade the buildings within the Steelshard Caverns will allow a keeper to permanently upgrade the Speed, Endurance and Strength of the Steelshard Harriers they command. This means that, similar to how the Skythrone's building affect the Kaiser Dragon, upgrading buildings within the Caverns will upgrade the Outpost-specific troop.

Venture into the deepest parts of Atlantis, and find untold power within!

This new outpost released as the Global Atlantis Tournament's top 30 players prize (6/10/13 5:00pm PDT - 6/14/13 5:00am PDT).

Compete in the Global Tournament to unlock the Steelshard Caverns!

The egg was briefly available in the shop for 399 rubies on release.

There is currently no other information about this outpost, although it will not require the Skythrone to be built and will similarly be a ruby player-exclusive and/or only obtainable through Events and Tournaments. The Dragon of this outpost is the Steelshard Dragon, pictured above. 

This dragon was also obtained through the bronze chest along with 3 epic troop bins in the power challenge on august 8th for gaining at least 350k power.

The dragon egg is currently only available in the shop. The Egg is no longer in Fortuna's Vault-14 Sept 2016

Requirements to Build:

The City view holds 6 buildings that are used to upgrade your outpost troop Steelshard Harrier's stats and 1 Training Camp. There is no Field view for this outpost, as you cannot produce any resources here.

Each of the 6 buildings represent one of the 6 stats of the Steelshard Harrier: Melee Attack, Defense, Ranged Attack, Speed, Range, and Life. By upgrading the corresponding building, you are able to customize your Steelshard Harriers.

Upgrades are only possible with the use of special ColdSteel Fragment (Levels 1-6), ColdSteel Gems (Levels 7-10), and ColdSteel Cores (Levels 11-15) .

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