Stone icon.

Stone is one of the seven resources (the others being gold, blue energy, Anthropus talismans, food, wood, and metal) in DoA.

How to use stoneEdit

You can use stone in any way of the following:

  • Training specific troops.
  • Building
  • Giving out stone to alliance members
  • Researching
  • Trading

Stone is a very important resource in the game. It is vital for the walls, garrisons, sentinel, and several other important buildings. 

Where to get stoneEdit

Like lumber, most people will use the quarries and hills in a "productive" way. You can also attack hills and anthropus camps to obtain stone. You can buy set amounts of stone in the shop, or win it in Fortuna. You can also join a helpful alliance and see if a member will send some to you, or purchase some in trade.

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