The hide of the resilient and dangerous Stone Dragon is made of living rock, and is a mighty opponent in battle. Long thought extinct, their Eggs are now being found in level 7+ Hills around Atlantis. The sturdy Stone Dragon is similar to the Water and Great Dragon in its attacking abilities. It is raised in your Stone Outpost and will protect it when attacked.

This dragon can currently be upgraded to level twelve. Battle Arts are available after your Stone Dragon reaches level 11.

Different colors of armor and scales can be won from Fortuna, which boosts your Dragon's stats. For special events, like Halloween, sometimes exclusive armor is offered for a limited period of time. You can also find some armor and scales in certain chests.

The Stone Dragon may be bred with other Dragons in the Sanctuary. Initially, the Great Dragon is the only female Dragon available.

The Stone Dragon's Egg is found by defeating Level 7+ Hills.

This Dragon's Armor may be obtained from Level 7+ Hills.

Armor is automatically equipped when it is found. If it is not, you may need to contact Kabam Support. Armor pieces may be obtained anytime before or after the Dragon is level 8.

Note: If you feel stuck and are not getting the egg when you are waving, try to wave a different hill. The chance to find the egg is random, wich means it is different from hill to hill.

After finding all 4 pieces of Armor, you will be ready to send your Dragon to battle!

Higher levels of Aerial Combat make your Dragons more efficient in battle.

Injured SD

Great and Guardian Dragons can attack without 100% health.

The minimum is 100% minus 5% per Aerial Combat level.

  • Level 13, until 35% of their full health.
  • Level 12, until 40%
  • Level 11, until 45%
  • Level 10, until 50%
  • Level 9, until 55%
  • Level 8, until 60%
  • Level 2, until 90%
  • Level 1, until 95%

Your Dragon will always take damage during an attack even if there are no defenders. The time it heals can be reduced by defeating the location 2x without the Great or Elemental Dragon and then including it with the 3rd wave. Or, if you are trying to obtain Anthropus Talismans, by sending enough other troops with the attack.

If your Dragon is defeated in battle, it will be heavily injured; however, your Dragon will never die. Generally, the number of troops needed to clear a Camp or Wild is enough to ensure your Dragon will survive an attack, although it should be noted that the Dragon's range or speed may interfere in battle if included with certain troops. Click here for details.

Dragon levels are achieved by upgrading the Dragon Keep in the Outpost.

Level Description From Game Upkeep/Food
1 The Stone Dragon Egg gestates.
2 The newly hatched Stone Dragon has only just opened its eyes. It has the potential to be a great defender.
3 A baby Stone Dragon. Already, its heartiness is apparent. 200 Defensive Strength.
4 The Stone Dragon is still young but it is learning and growing quickly. 459 Defensive Strength.
5 Your Stone Dragon is just now beginning to learn to fly. Very soon its strengths will be evident. 747 Defensive Strength.
6 The Stone Dragon has matured. It already shows promise as a powerful fighter. 1,055 Defensive Strength.
7 The Stone Dragon has learned well to protect its home. It has become quite a welcome addition to the Outpost. 1,379 Defensive Strength.
8 The massive Stone Dragon is a sight to behold. Its hide has become thick and durable. This Dragon is no doubt one of the mightiest yet! 1,717 Defensive Strength.
9 The dwellers of this new Outpost are in awe of how large the Stone Dragon has grown. It has become an amazing testament to your care in raising it. 2,066 Defensive Strength.
10 The massive Stone Dragon lords over the Outpost in which it resides. This Stone Dragon is the pinnacle of its kind. Other Dragons fear it. 2425 Defensive Strength
11 ?

Requirements for Keep Upgrade and Power Boost (Levitation Lev.0)

Level Food Gold Lumber Metals Stone Time (Levitation Lev.0)
2 800 3,000 10,000 1,400 2,400 6m 0s
3 1,600 6,000 10,000 2,800 4,800 18m 0s
4 3,200 12,000 20,000 5,600 9,600 48m 0s
5 6,400 24,000 40,000 11,200 19.200 1h 36m 0s
6 12,800 48,000 80,000 22,400 38,400 3h 12m 0s
7 25,600 96,000 160,000 44,800 76,800 6h 24m 0s
8 51,200 192,000 320,000 89,600 153,600 12h 48m 0s
9 102,400 384,000 640,000 179,200 307,200 1d 1h 36m 0s
10 204,800 768,000 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 2d 3h 12m 0s
11 204,800 0 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 4d 6h 24m 0s
12 204,800 0 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 6d 9h 36m 0s

Level 11+ requires a level 11 Fortress

Dragon Stats

Level Melee Ranged Defense Life Speed Range Load
1 0 0 0 0 650 1,700 0
2 400 300 600 40,000 650 1,700 0
3 800 600 1,200 80,000 650 1,700 0
4 1,836 1,378 2,754 183,788 650 1,700 0
5 2,988 2,242 4,482 298,972 650 1,700 0
6 4,220 3,164 6,330 422,240 650 1,700 0
7 5,516 4,138 8,274 551,888 650 1,700 0
8 6,868 5,152 10,302 686,864 650 1,700 0
9 8,264 6,198 12,396 826,432 650 1,700 0
10 9,700 7,276 14,550 970,056 650 1,700 0
11 12,125 9,095 18,187 1,455,084 700 1,700 50,000
12 15,156 11,368 22,734 2,182,626 700 1,700 60,000

For in-game images of what the armor and scales below look like, please visit the Armor & Scales page.

Please add the correct names for the ones within parentheses. Scales Table Here

Armor BoostsEdit

Please add the correct names for the ones within parentheses. Armor Table Here

Troop CompatibilityEdit

Because of their stats, some troops are more compatible than others with troop types. This is typically due to incompatible ranges or speeds.

Dragon Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops
Stone Dragon Ranged Troops
  • Swift Troops
  • Melee Troops


Below are images that show how people obtained their Dragon Armor as well as different Scales (Dragon Body color) and Armor combinations.

Symbol Information
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