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"The ferocious Fangtooths are poison laden terrors from the dark depths of Atlantis. The venom that courses through their veins is deadly to all living things. Their difficulty to harness as fighters is only surpassed by their sheer power."
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 1,600
Range: 600
Ranged Attack: {{{Ranged Attack}}}
Defense: 300
Life: 3,000
Speed: 500
Load: 45
Power: 10
Upkeep: 125

Dragon Levels
8 9 10
Fire Dragon Melee Att 5,352 6,398 7,976
Fire Dragon Armores

Outpost Keep level 8

4 pieces of Armor

Ranged Att 8,168 9,564 11,000
Defense 3,434 4,132 4,850
Life 343,432 413,216 485,028
Speed 850
Range 1,800
Load 0

"Does this work?"
— Ultimate Vegito 13

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