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  • (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, first time to this wiki forum)

    There is a mobile version of Dragons of Atlantis, called Heirs of the Dragon.  It is different then the PC version in many aspects, and is still a young game (especially compared to this PC version - the Water Dragon hasn't even been released there yet!).  There is no Wiki yet for this game version (as far as I and other players have been able to find - please correct me if I am wrong).

    My question to both players and wiki contibutors:  Would it be possible for me to add a page to *this* wiki, entitled "Heirs of the Dragon" for players of this secondary version of the game?  I would be seeking to post some general information about this alternate version.  I would not want to alter any already exisitng plages, because at the moment I think that would be very confusing, as the PC version is the main version with so much more to the game.

    I have worked with wiki's before, and think I could make a decent page with enough info on it and a decent layout, but did not wish to create a page immediately, as technically, this wiki is for a different version of the game.  

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    • I have the Iphone version and think that would be great.  There are even differences between worlds.  My first world has had the Water Dragon available for about a month - however I started a city in another world and the Water Dragon just became available today.  Very odd.   

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