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Trade is a normal aspect of the game. It is especially useful early in the game when 1 million of a resource is a fairly large amount. Once the realm is overpopulated, inflation may occur, and 1 million of a resource may be sold for 30 million gold, but some people may sell it for 999 million gold. You can trade with other alliances by putting your troops on the wall, and the other non alliance member will send a march of resources.

Before you can begin Trading, you must research Mercantilism to level 1. In order to research Merchantilism, you must have Levitation researched to level 1, and a level 1 Factory.

Each additional level of Merchantilism researched will determine how many trades you can buy or sell at one time. Every trade will take 30 minutes, regardless if you have level 1 Merchantilism or level 10.

trading is also a great way to help the younger member of the realm buy selling 1 million of a res (which would be quite a large amount for them), for really low prices etc. 1 million food for 1 gold.

Now it's also possible to buy/sell Gold. 


Buying resources is useful if you are low on them, and have a lot of gold. To buy a resource, select the resource you wish to buy and the minimum amount and the maximum you wish to pay. Doing so will narrow the search and also show trades that would not have been shown using the defeault parameters. I would advise setting it to 1mil of a resource and 2mil gold.


You can also sell your own resources. Increase Mercantillism so you can sell even more. When someone has bought your resources, you will receive a message informing you. When selling resources, you have to pay a Seller Fee, which is a small amount of gold matching with the amount of the resources you are selling.

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