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Troop Quarters
The Troop Quarters is the building that allows you to store troops in The Lost City and The Abyssal Palace. You have five Troop Quarters in each outpost, and it is not possible to build any more Troop Quarters or to disintegrate any of the Troop Quarters.

Every upgrade of a Troop Quarters allows you to have more troops in your outpost at once. You need Eternal Runes to upgrade Troops Quarters in The Lost City and Coral Doubloons to upgrade Troop Quarters in The Abyssal Palace.

You can get more/less troops in the outpost by warping them from/to the main city using the outpost warp gate. You can not warp more troops than you are able to store.

Here are a table of the stats of Troops Quarters:

Level Building Time Eternal Runes/Coral Doubloons
required to upgrade
Troop capacity Power gained
1 1 5,000 60
2 1h 35m 0s 10 7,500 120
3 20 9,000 240
4 30 12,000 480
5 12h 40m 0s 50 15,000 960
6 1d 1h 20m 0s 70 25,000 1,920
7 2d 2h 40m 0s 100 50,000 3,840
8 4d 5h 20m 0s 200 100,000 7,680
9 8d 10h 40m 0s 350 150,000 15,360
10 500 360,000 30,720
11 17d 8h 40m 0s 600 400,000 61,440
12 17d 8h 40m 0s 700 450,000 122,880
13 17d 8h 40m 0s 800 510,000 245,760
14 17d 8h 40m 0s 900 580,000 491,520
15 17d 8h 40m 0s 1,000 650,000 983,040

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