Troops: Abyssal Ravager
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 3,000
Range: 500
Ranged Attack: 1,200
Defense: 500
Life: 3,000
Speed: 1,000
Load: 500
Power: 100
Upkeep: 100

Their existence was thought to be that of pure legend; an old fisherman's tale passed down from one generation to the next. The oral story gave little in the way of concrete detail of the nature of the creature. Some described it as a serpent-like monster with the tail of a fish who would pull sailors down to the sea floor to their demise. Others insisted it was even more monstrous, with a fanged smile that would eternally haunt the dreams of any who caught even a glimpse of its face. Still others insisted its presence in the sea was a beneficial one and that the sight of it would foretell of a year of bountiful catches. The details of the story varied from family to family and region to region, but one common thread remained the same: the creature was always described as a harbinger of an even more powerful and mysterious force yet to come.

The Abyssal Ravagers were supposed to be just an old legend. So when these previously undiscovered creatures rose from the dark depths of their home in Atlantis' deepest, darkest oceanic trenches to the surface, even Archmage Triton and the Royal Mages were surprised. Named after the underwater abyss they lurked in for centuries and the way they devastated their favorite Fangtooth prey (they were later discovered to have immunity to the Fangtooth's unique brand of poison), the more combatant kingdoms have already developed strategies to acquire the Abyssal Ravager's immense power for their own arsenals. 

Now you can obtain the Atlantis' newest troop's ferocious power for your own kingdom! March Abyssal Ravagers with your Water Dragon to receive a 25% boost to the Abyssal Ravager's combat stats (Speed, Melee, Range, Ranged Attack, Life, and Defense)!

Look out for events and exciting ways to get your hands on this new underwater beast!

Visit the Dragons of Atlantis Forums under the "News and Announcements" section to see the Abyssal Ravager's stats

and learn more information on this newest troop!

But why did these sea beasts suddenly surface? What could their presence mean for the kingdoms of Atlantis? Perhaps that's something that only time will tell . . .

A natural predator of Fangtooths, these legendary creatures live in the deep oceanic trenches of Atlantis. The beauty of their natural bioluminescence masks their ferocious and deadly nature. Their combat stats gain a 25% boost when marching with the Water Dragon.

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