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Troops: Arctic Leviathan
Arctic Leviathan
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 750
Range: 1700
Ranged Attack: 2200
Defense: 999
Life: 1000
Speed: 450
Load: 100
Power: 15
Upkeep: 200

"These massive creatures dwell in the darkest depths of the North. They are mostly known for their massive size and greater range.

20% extra-damage vs Dimensional Ruiner"

 This (presumably contest-exclusive) troop is the strongest ranged troop in the game, surpassing even the mighty Lava Jaw. These creatures can fire both further as well as stronger, with the added advantage of being far stronger in terms of melee attack and defense. These super-troops can be trained during special events.

Arctic Leviathan are no longer immune to Soul Revival.


Leviathans are now trainable in the Water Outpost for certain lengths of time. 

  • 30 idle population

A total of 5 Completion Grants (for a Training Camp in the Water Outpost, the Metalsmith, a mine, the Science Center and the Fortress) and 4 Ancestral Seals (to get the Fortress to level 11 and the Science Center to level 13) are necessary.

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