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Troops: Dimensional Ruiner

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Troops: Dimensional Ruiner
Dimensional Ruiner
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 5999
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 999
Life: 6999
Speed: 999
Load: 999
Power: 35
Upkeep: 100

"These inhuman defilers are brought forth through time and space purely to destroy."

These inhuman defilers are brought forth through time and space purely to destroy. Soul Revival is possible. Wraith Dragon damage -75%, Lightning Cannon damage -50%, Lava Jaw damage -75%.

Dimensional Ruiners are currently one of the most powerful troops in Atlantis with the highest base melee attack (2nd to Shadow Stalker's double damage hit). Ruiners are only available for purchase and from Fortuna's Vault and training during special events. Dimensional Ruiners are, however, one of the best "tank" style troops in the game, with one of the highest attacks and life. Their speed and defense allows them to enter battle quicker than other high hitting tanks such as Petrified Titans and Granite Ogres

Ruiners are speed troops and best used without range; however their high life will allow them to act as melee troops when sent with range against a non-threatening wall. 

Dimensional Ruiners can be revived with a Dark Portal at level 12.

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