WARNING: See comment section, there is a bug when using these troops, so you will loose troops even if youre attacking a target with no troops.

Troops: Dragon Rider
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 2200
Range: 750
Ranged Attack: 1200
Defense: 500
Life: 1500
Speed: 1000
Load: 500
Power: 80
Upkeep: 60

The High Council had been wrong about their projections of the future war.  Kronos had seen with his own eyes the walls of Atlantis breached, its buildings razed, and the War Scarabs, Volt Rangers, Dimensional Ruiners and all the valiant Troops of Atlantis who fought to defend their Empires, slain on the battlefield.


Preparations had to be made to protect our future realm. There was no other way. A new Troop had to be born.  A Troop unlike any that had come before it.  Power alone wasn’t enough. Though the Troop had to be the strongest Atlantis had ever seen, it also had to harness the power of Atlantis’s most sacred assets.  The Dragons.

The process began by selecting Atlantean children gifted with empathic powers and pairing them with young Dragons.  A Roost Academy was then built to raise these children and Dragons together.  After years of training, a mental link between Dragon and human would form. In battle, The High Council found that these humans could not only augment power from their dragon, but provide lethal boosts to any Outpost Dragon that battled alongside them.


This was just what The High Council had hoped for.  This was the creation of the Dragon Rider!

The Dragon Rider uses its considerable bond with its Dragon to boost both itself and its Dragon in combat. Alone, a Dragon Rider is formidable. When marched with a Dragon, the Dragon Rider becomes downright terrifying.

When marched with a great or elemental dragon, this troop has double stats. Any Dragon that you use in the march will be made stronger by the presence of Dragon Riders.

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