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Troops: Steelshard Harriers

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Steelshard Harriers
Steelshard Harrier
Only the base stats are shown
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 800
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 300
Life: 1700
Speed: 300
Load: 550
Power: 20
Upkeep: 55

This new troop can be trained at the Steelshard Caverns. If the buildings of said outpost are upgraded, it 

increases this troop's stats. Due to this fact these troops vary from person to person. Range and speed are possible, if the correct buildings are upgraded. 

Steelshard Harriers are a dragon subspecies found in deep caverns. Each harrier varies from trainer to trainer, as their stats are influenced by the buildings of the steelshard caverns. They are immune to soul revival.

Since the Royal Mages have boosted their power, the Steelshard Harriers have power amount 20 instead of 10.

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Research: Aerial Combat level 6, Dragonry level 10
  • Buildings: Training Camp level 1
  • Resources (for each one): Gold 3000, Food 2000, Idle pop. 16, Lumber 3000, Metals 3000, Stone 1000
    Maxed Steelshard1.1

    True Maxed out SteelShard As of 2/26/2014

Training time each 1000 Units:

Training time each one unit:

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