Troops: Volt Ranger
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 700
Range: 1600
Ranged Attack: 2050
Defense: 1300
Life: 2100
Speed: 1150
Load: 325
Power: 75
Upkeep: 90

Volt Rangers appeared in Atlantis on March 11, 2014. The design features twin sisters wielding an electronic device similar to a gun and battery backpack.

VRs introduce the combat concept of multi-hit attacks. They are the first troop that has the ability to attack two enemies at the same time. Due to this unique effect, Rangers are extremely effective at combating larger armies. This ability, along with high melee and range, nicknames Volt Rangers as "crowd thinners."

Volt Rangers, like Sand Striders, can be classified as both a speed and a range troop. This combination is rare in Atlantis and allows for said troops to be compatible in virtually all types of marches. VRs are also a likely candidate to be used with the Fire Dragon's Battle Art, Flamethrower.

Volt Rangers provide 75 power per troop, which exceeds Shadow Stalkers and Shamans and matches War Scarabs. As troop bundles, these units are excellent to use during Power Tournaments and Challenges.

Due to its high range (equal to Lava Jaws), incredible speed (slightly less than Banshees), and strong attack in both melee and range, the Volt Ranger is perhaps the most powerful troop seen in Atlantis. Due to its well-rounded stats, Volt Rangers should be capable of producing the same results of other exclusives of similar capabilities (i.e. 100k VRs should be equal to if not greater in strength than 100k Arctic Leviathans, 100k Sand Striders, etc etc).