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December 20, 2011

I will be inactive starting... yesterday LOL. I just forgot to put this. DoA is in the slumps and I'm not interested in waiting to see how this plays out, so I have found a new game.

Since I had to go through the hassle of adopting this to get Admins appointed in the 1st place, I have made someone else a Bureaucrat so they won't have to. And if anyone (that is active and hasn't been banned for something stupid) wants to be an Admin, message me. You must have an account. If its a new account, give me your IP address that you were editing with before so I can see if they are real edits or not. (FYI: I like people that can correct my typos. So those count as real edits to me...)

If something else needs to be done later, message me here . Do not add me as a friend for DoA. This is to be used by someone that wants to be an Admin or has issues w/ the Wiki at a future date, not for game related crap... not interested.

The last person just left without making Admins or anything, so I am making an effort to not do that. LurkersRus 02:16, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

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