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Woolly adult

Woolly Dragon was a gift for the people who bought the “Sandy Chest”, and was also obtained from Tournament exclusive prize. This dragon is the first dragon released exclusively in the Sanctuary.

The version released in the Tournament on Jan 10th, 2013 had:

  • Longbowman Ranged Attack Ⅲ +3.5%
  • Giant Life Ⅳ +4%
  • Armor Piercing Ⅳ -9%

For some time you could win this dragon in Fortuna's Vault.

The Woolly Dragon can now be gained by breeding.

It is highly unlikely that the Woolly Dragon will get an Outpost.

Ways to get this Dragon by breeding:Edit

Sanctuary's Woolly Dragon
  1. Wind Dragon & Mephitic Serpent
  2. Helio Dragon & Wind Dragon
  3. Fire Dragon & Amber Crest Dragon
  4. Stone Dragon & Amber Crest Dragon
  5. Stone Dragon & Psychic Dragon
  6. Wind Dragon & Amber Crest Dragon
  7. Helio Dragon & Amber Crest Dragon
  8. Psychic Dragon & Amber Crest Dragon
  9. Helio Dragon & Psychic Dragon
  • Woolly Dragon In Sanctuary
  • Common Woolly Dragon

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